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    “He Said ‘Work Sucks’ Not ‘Pride Sucks'”: New Video Evidence Suggests Adele Wrongly Thrashed A Fan For Being Anti-LGBTQ

    It’s Pride month and Hollywood is not shying away from joining in the celebrations. Among the several celebrities who are showing their support for the LGBTIA+ community, is Adele. She recently made headlines for aggressively telling off a fan who shouted “Pride sucks” during her Las Vegas show.

    While Adele got visibly angry and shut down the fan then and there, many have now claimed that the fan did not shout anything problematic. Here’s what the fan actually said.

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    “Did You Come To My F**king Show And Just Say That Pride Sucks”: Adele Angrily Called Out Her Fan


    Adele made headlines for confronting a fan who shouted “Pride sucks” during one of her recent concerts in her Las Vegas, Colosseum at Caesars Palace. It was the first day of the pride month, so the fan’s alleged comment became even more relevant.

    Angry at the supposedly distasteful comment, Adele called out the fan then and there. She was seated near the piano, and she interrupted her performance to reply to the troll. “Did you come to my f**king show and just say that Pride sucks, Are you f**king stupid”, she exclaimed.

    The response garnered a lot of appreciation from the fans present at the concert and online as well, as it quickly went viral. However, a video posted from an account on X shows that the fan did not actually say “Pride Sucks“, and the singer just misinterpreted it.

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    Did Adele Thrash The Fan For No Reason?


    A Twitter user is claiming that the fans Adele slammed at her concert for insulting the queer community did not actually say “Pride Sucks“. He instead said “Work Sucks“, and Adele misheard it, leading to her lashing out on him.

    After the claim, fans on social media gave mixed reactions. While some fans contended that though it was the singer’s mistake, the message she gave was loud and clear and needs to be lauded.

    adele still mothered so wdc,” a social media user wrote. “This is genuinely so so funny. But anyway, I love the fact that she went hard for the LGBTQ+ community,” another one chimed in. “Lol, classic mix-up. But hey, Adele’s got your back whether it’s work or pride that sucks,” a third one wrote.

    Some others, meanwhile found Adele’s beahviour and the validation it got from her fans problematic. “Its disturbing how adele humiliated her own fan for a word she misheard and people still go “it doesnt matter, she still mothered,” a social media user wrote. “lmao. I feel bad for the guy now. Everyone thinks he’s a homophobe,” another one said.

    Adele has been vocal about the LGBTQ+ community issues in the past as well. In 2016, after the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida which targeted the community, Adele dedicated an entire concert to the victims of the shooting.

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