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    Henry Cavill Stuns As Homelander In A New Video, Splits Fans On Social Media

    ‘The Boys’ needs just no introduction as it’s currently ruling all the media globally. The lead character Homelander played by Antony Starr has left a great mark in the hearts of the fans. With the wrapping up of season 3 of the show, directors took no time to confirm another power pack season to hit the screens shortly.

    No wonder, that Antony Starr would reprise his role as Homelander in the upcoming season. Since the character is directly inspired by DC’s Kryptonian superhero, some fans are anticipating how it would’ve been, if the real son of Krypton appeared as Homelander. Well, yes, we are talking about Henry Cavill’s Homelander.

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    A New Fan Edit Features Henry Cavill As Homelander

    Henry Cavill As Homelander
    Henry Cavill As Homelander

    A new deep fake video sees Henry Cavill replace Antony Starr as in ‘The Boys’ and the result is odd but perfect. The New fan edit is featuring Cavill taking on a Superman-adjacent role: Homelander. A user named @Lucifer_Sheel shared the video on Twitter. The 20-second deep fake video imagines the DCEU’s Superman actor as his evil counterpart on ‘The Boys’.

    Although this is kind of odd, as Antony Starr has pretty much left a big impression for his portrayal of Homelander. But at the same time, it can’t be denied that Cavill possesses all the physical characteristics and natural gravitas necessary to play Superman, so it’s no surprise he absolutely looks the part of his evil counterpart on the series. Though this edit means nothing in real as Anthony has already confirmed his return in season 4, of the show.

    The Edit Ended Up Creating A Controversy On Twitter

    Anthony Starr as Homelander
    Antony Starr as Homelander

    The deep fake video featuring Henry Cavill as Homelander has created a controversy among the fans over Twitter. Some fans are quite excited to see their favorite Cavill looking all handsome, some are strongly disliking the post as they are completely satisfied with their own Homelander Antony Starr.

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