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    How Harry Styles Responded To “You Must Be Banging Endless Women” Comment By Howard Stern

    Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter, and actor. He came to be known to the world through the British music competition ‘The X Factor’. He was later eliminated from the show and then brought back to join the boy band One Direction. This band won many hearts until they went on an indefinite hiatus in 2016.

    Styles then started to venture into acting and debuted with his first film ‘Dunkirk’ in 2017. Following that, he started to produce solo albums, which have brought him a lot of success. Back in 2020, Harry was interviewed by Howard Stern, and that interview did not go well. The interviewer pressed a lot about his personal matters and fans were outraged by Stern’s behavior.

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    Did Howard Go Too Far In The Interview With Harry Styles?

    Harry Styles

    In March 2020, Harry Styles was interviewed by Howard Stern and it was very visible that Styles was not comfortable when Stern asked questions about his personal life. He asked questions regarding how “f***ed up” he is from his parent’s split and his father abandoning him. He then threw an outright assumption at Styles that he must be “banging” endless women.

    Many fans were outraged by Stern’s pressing inquisitiveness. They called out Stern’s show and many voiced out that his show must be cancelled. Some said that if someone is famous then, they should also cope with the invasion of privacy. However, most of the fans and general public felt that Stern pushed things too far during the interview with Styles.

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    How Did Harry Handle The Interview?

    Harry styles
    Harry styles

    When Stern was rude and questioned him about his parent’s split, Styles handled it well and turned the question around. He said that he focused on the love and support he received from his parents and step-parents. Stern also insinuated that since Styles got rich, hot, and talented, he could get anyone he wanted. Styles quickly diverted the question by laughing it off. The conversation then jumped on to therapists and he revealed that he has a female therapist. Stern intruded and said that Harry having a female therapist was a bad idea because he would “seduce her.”

    Despite all these invasions of privacy and uncomfortable moments, Styles still used the platform to voice out for abortion access and LGBTQ+ rights. He said, “I think it’s quite scary to see how far backward we’re going in a lot of ways. There should be backlash and uproar for these things,” he told the intrusive interviewer. Indeed, Styles is not a stranger to the spotlight, but does not mean that one can intrude on a celebrity’s personal matters? In that case, Howard Stern might have gone a bit too far with Styles.

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