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    Why Is Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Different From The Traditional Portrayal Of The Genius Detective?

    Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular detective characters of our time. A brainchild of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, the character has been brought to life on screen by some of the A-rated actors in Hollywood both in films as well as shows. The two most acclaimed performances depicting Sherlock Holmes have been delivered by Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch in a film and a TV show based on the book respectively.

    A more recent and rather acclaimed entry to the list of these actors was made by Henry Cavill. Considered one of the rising stars in Hollywood, Cavill played Sherlock in the film series ‘Enola Holmes‘ starring Millie Bobby Brown in the lead role. But Cavill’s Sherlock is way different than the traditional image of the popular detective. Here’s why.

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    Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Has An Atypically Wonderful Relationship With His Sister Enola Holmes

    Still from 'Enola Holmes'
    Still from ‘Enola Holmes’

    Netflix film ‘Enola Holmes‘ offered a fresh take on the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes and his family dynamics. While none of the Sherlock films or TV shows have put much emphasis on the detective’s family relations, ‘Enola Holmes‘ has done that with an undertone of genuine emotions.

    Typically, Sherlock Holmes is shown to have complicated relationships with his brother Mycroft Holmes, and sister Eurus Holmes, chiefly because of his aversion to being expressive about his own emotions. However, in ‘Enola Holmes‘, where Henry Cavill takes on the role of Sherlock and Millie Bobby Brown plays his sister Enola, the two share wonderful sibling chemistry.

    The film is against the backdrop of Sherlock’s teenage sister, Enola, and narrates her story while Sherlock assumes a side role. However, in contrast to what Sherlock fans may expect, Cavill’s Sherlock actually cares about his sister and even goes out of his way to ensure her safety and happiness.

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    Enola Holmes Makes Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Get In Touch With His Emotions

    Still from 'Enola Holmes'
    Still from ‘Enola Holmes’

    Before the release of the film in 2020, Henry Cavill himself explained how his character in ‘Enola Holmes‘ digresses largely from the typical idiosyncrasies of the detective. Speaking to Radio Times at the time, Cavill said that because the focus is not entirely on his character, he has taken the liberty to “have some fun” with it. 

    Our Sherlock is different from what we may see as the traditional misogynistic genius. Enola softens Sherlock and opens up his heart, which we haven’t really had access to in other renditions,” he said of his character in the first part of the film.

    This transformation of the detective from a straight-up rude genius to a soft-hearted brother is attributed to Enola’s influence, as she encourages him to display emotions. In the film, her character even challenges Sherlock, asking him to get in touch with his emotions.

    Joining Cavill in the cast is Sam Claflin, who plays Sherlock’s elder brother, Mycroft Holmes. Both brothers have show on characteristics entirely different than what has been depicted in Sherlock films so far.

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