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    “I Always Call Him The Rizz King”: Steve Carell Feels Ryan Gosling Is The ‘Epitome’ Of Charisma

    The Hollywood ‘Rizz’ game is strong with various young actors including Tom Holland, Jacob Elordi, Timothée Chalamet and more. Fan girls are head over heels for these actors and it’s like watching young Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp fan base again. But Steve Carell already has his number one on the list.

    Steve feels that there is only one and only person in Hollywood whose rizz game is strong and that is Ryan Gosling aka Ken.

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    Ryan Gosling Is Ultimate Rizzler According To Steve Carell

    Steve and Ryan Gosling

    Steve Carell learned a new Gen Z word which happens to be rizz. And his judgment on the ultimate ‘Rizz king’ of Hollywood might hurt some Tom Holland fans. For those who don’t know it’s the short form of the word ‘Charisma’.

    The Office’ actor thinks the word rizz similar to the sound made by a rollerblade screeching to a stop. But he also dedicated the word to one of his co-stars. Carell believes the world is appropriate for Ryan Gosling, The Ken.

    Carell said, “Maybe the rizz king, and I always call him the rizz king, is Ryan Gosling. Sometimes I just call him Rizz Gosling, he is the epitome of rizz”.

    During an interview with IGV Presents, Carell shared that he calls the Barbie actor ‘Rizz Gosling’ sometimes. They both were co-actors in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and had a lot of fun together.

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    Steve Carnell Also Added Another Actor’s Name To The List Of Rizz King

    Steve Carell and Ken

    Carell also shared the name of another star who he thinks is the Rizz God. He added the name of 55-year-old actor, Paul Rudd, who starred with him ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin‘. Both of these choices are quite contradictory to the choices of Timothée Chalamet, which says otherwise.

    Previously in an interview, the actor with chiseled features, Timothée Chalamet was asked a statement that he agreed or disagreed with, “Timothée Chalamet is better-looking than Tom Holland.”

    Chalamet completely disagreed with the statement and said that Tom Holland is the ultimate rizz master. He also added that Zendaya knows for a fact. He said while talking to LADbible: “Tom is the ultimate rizz master. Internet knows this, Zendaya knows this, everyone knows this”

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