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    “I Made The Guy Feel Worse”: Rob Lowe Accidentally Texts Bradley Cooper Instead Of Robert Downey Jr. After The Golden Globes Win

    In 2023, the impact of ‘Oppenheimer’ and Barbie was huge. The Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig directorial created history at the box office and also gained a lot of critical acclaim for the craft of mounting the worlds of both films. During the awards season, ‘Oppneheimer’ created a lot of buzz with Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. winning accolades.

    One of the biggest contenders that critics predicted was Bradley Cooper. The actor presented a moving performance in Leonard Bernstein’s biopic titled ‘Maestro’, which he directed as well. Cooper, during the recent award season, did not win any awards, and to rub salt in the wound, Rob Lowe accidentally sent him a congratulatory text instead of Robert Downey Jr.

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    Rob Lowe Accidentally Sends Message To Bradley Cooper Instead Of Robert Downey Jr. After Latter’s Golden Globes Speech

    Rob Lowe rubbed salt in Bradley Cooper's wounds after accidentally sending a congratulatory text to him instead of Robert Downey Jr.
    Rob Lowe rubbed salt in Bradley Cooper’s wounds after accidentally sending a congratulatory text to him instead of Robert Downey Jr.

    It must have been a hard day for Bradley Cooper to receive a congratulatory text from Rob Lowe after losing the Golden Globe! During the recent episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Rob narrated the accident after the ‘Oppenheimer’ win for Robert Downey Jr. The actor won ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the Golden Globes.

    After his moving speech, Rob Lowe decided to send a text to his friend Robert Downey Jr. During the show, Rob said, “Downey does this amazing acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, and I’m so excited for him so I text him, ‘So glad you won. That is the most beautiful acceptance speech I’ve heard in a long time. Boy, do you deserve it.”

    However, when the ‘9-1-1:Lone Star’ actor hit the button, he realized that he sent the message to Bradley Cooper. In haste, Rob texted back to the ‘Maestro’ star, saying, “No, no, I meant that for Robert Downey Jr.” He added, “Now that’s even worse! I made the guy feel worse! It was terrible.”

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    The Actor Has Gone Viral For His Acceptance Speeches During The Awards Season

    Robert Downey Jr. at the Golden Globes
    Robert Downey Jr. at the Golden Globes

    No one does acceptance speeches like Robert Downey Jr.! The actor was on a roll during the recent awards season. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s nuclear drama as Lewis Strauss.

    Robert won the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ award during both the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards. He brought the old charm of wit and humor to his acceptance speeches at the Golden Globes.

    During his Golden Globes acceptance speech, Robert Downey Jr. said, “Yeah, yeah, I took a Beta blocker so this is going to be a breeze. A sweeping story about the ethical dilemma of nuclear weapons grosses 1 billion dollars, does that track?”

    He continued, “No, unless and but because Universal went all in on Christopher Nolan, to direct Cillian Murphy with Emma Thomas producing with Emily and Florence and this cast and crew and geloed them render a goddamb masterpiece.”

    The ‘Ironman’ actor’s Critics Choice Awards speech was on for the history books! During his speech, the actor read some of the reviews that he had received for his performances in the past few years. During his speech, he read the reviews, “The first one’s kinda like haiku: ‘sloppy, messy, and lazy.’ The second one’s more metaphoric: ‘Like Pee-wee Heman emerging from a coma.’”

    The actor continued, “This was from a Brit: ‘A puzzling waste of talent. And lastly—and this one lingered— ‘amusing as a bed-locked fart.’”

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