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    “I Started Breaking Down Crying”: Snoop Dogg’s 24-Year-Old Daughter Cori Broadus Suffers From A Severe Stroke

    Rapper Snoop Dogg’s 24-year-old daughter, Cori Broadus, took to social media to announce that she has recently experienced a severe stroke. The youngest daughter of the iconic rapper shared the distressing news through her Instagram stories.

    Cori has suffered from health issues from a young age. She has opened up about her health conditions before as well. The recent stroke caused Cori to have a breakdown after fighting for so long.

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    Cori Broadau Shares The News Of Her Stroke

    Snoop Dogg's Daughter Cori Broadus through Instagram Stories
    Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus through Instagram Stories

    24-year-old Cori’s recent Instagram stories revealed the severity of her health condition. She wrote, “I had a severe stroke this am. I started breaking down crying when they told me.” 

    The accompanying image of the hospital bed and sheets painted a stark picture of her health crisis.

    Snoop Dogg's Daughter Cori Broadus through Instagram Stories
    Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus through Instagram Stories

    The next story read another heartwrenching thought of Snoop Dogg’s daughter. On a picture of Cori in a pink hoodie and a face mask the caption read, “Like I’m only 24 what did I do in my past to deserve all of this.”

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    Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Has Struggled Through Health Issues From A Young Age

    Snoop Dogg's Daughter Cori Broadus
    Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus

    Cori Broadus has struggled with health issues from a young age, being diagnosed with Lupus at the tender age of six. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune illness that produces inflammation and pain throughout the body. 

    She has discussed the difficulties of her condition before. In September 2023, she told People magazine about her plan to take an “all-natural” approach to her health. She revealed, “I’ve been on medication since I was six years old, and I’ve relied on these drugs my entire life. So I wanted better for myself.”

    In the interview, she also shared that she is doing “better” than ever but acknowledged the weight of managing her health at such a young age. She stated, “It’s a lot. I’m only 24 years old, taking 10 to 12 pills every single day. So I kind of just went cold turkey.

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