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    “I’m From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks”: Mark Wahlberg Feels Snubbed By Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Over Super Bowl Dunkin Ad 

    When Boston’s A-listers unite for a Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad, you’d expect Mark Wahlberg would be on the set, right? Well, not this time! 

    The 52-year-old actor has been good pals with the stars Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady since his early years. Despite their deep roots, the star trio left out Mark when they improvised the casting for their latest Dunkin project. 

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    Mark Wahlberg’s Dunkin’ Disappointment

    Mark Wahlberg feeling left out from Ben Affleck's Dunkin ad
    Mark Wahlberg feeling left out from Ben Affleck’s Dunkin ad

    In the land of the deliciousness of Dunkin’, where celebrities graced our screens in orange and pink tracksuits, the Transformers’ star found himself on the sidelines. The Boston native voiced his disappointment on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert‘ about being left out of Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad. He said, “I have no idea why I wasn’t in the commercial,” continuing, “I’m from the wrong side of the tracks, I think.” 

    The ‘Uncharted’ actor joked that he has been trying to work his way into their “good graces”, adding, “Hopefully, they’ll give me the call one of these days, but I’m still waiting patiently.” Despite being snubbed, the actor found the commercial hilarious. 

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    DunKings’ Ben Affleck, Matt Damon And Tom Brady’s Dunkin’ Debut

    Ben Affleck, Matt Damon And Tom Brady for the Dunkin Super Bowl commercial
    Ben Affleck, Matt Damon And Tom Brady for the Dunkin Super Bowl commercial

    Affleck’s Dunkin’ commercial, aired during Super Bowl LVIII, received the exact reaction the A-listers were hoping for. The ad started with Affleck, Damon, and Brady sitting in the car with Jack Harlow, debating their next move to become pop stars. The trio led by Affleck broke into the popstar Jennifer Lopez’s studio wearing orange and pink overalls. After being kicked out by JLo the Dunkings found solace in making it to the Dunkin’ menu.

    Matt Damon revealed later that they had just as much fun making it as the people had watching it. Now the question is, will there be a sequel to the hit commercial, for there is a castmate waiting for the call? Could we see Mark sipping a Dunkaccino and donning a tracksuit alongside Dunkings? Only time will tell if Wahlberg will have his Dunkin’ moment!

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