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    ‘Transformers’ Producer Promises Fans A ‘G.I. Joe’ And ‘Transformers’ Crossover

    After a five-year break from the big screen in 2018, ‘Transformersmade a huge comeback with ‘Rise of Beast’, serving as the seventh installment of the ‘Transformers’ film series. The film was also the standalone sequel to Bumblebee and the prequel to Transformers.

    Despite the awaited return, ‘Transformers: Rise of Beast’ made a blunder at the box office, becoming the lowest-grossing film of the franchise. Recently, the producer of ‘Transformers’ dropped an existing news for all the fans out there.

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    ‘Transformers’-‘G.I.Joe’ Crossover Confirmed By Transformers Producer

    Transformers- G.I.Joe Crossover
    Transformers- G.I.Joe Crossover

    While chatting with ahead of the release of ‘Madame Webb’, Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed that a potential crossover of Transformers and GI Joe would happen as promised. The producer said, “The honest truth is I don’t know. I know we are going to deliver on the promise we made.”

    ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ ending excited not only the fans of the franchise but also created a sense of exhilaration amongst the fans of GI Joe as well. The film ended with its lead human protagonist Anthony Ramos’ Noah Diaz getting an invitation to join the ranks of G.I. Joe, the elite covert special operation unit.

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    Steven Caple Jr. Wants To Expand The ‘Transformers’ Universe

    Transforms: Rise of Beast
    Transforms: Rise of Beast

    While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Caple Jr. shed light upon his reasons for the G.I Joe tease in the 2023 ‘Transformers’ film. The director said, “Yeah, it was figuring out a way to use the G.I. Joe technology because they’re known for their tech. The director wants to bring in the characters that were neglected from different series and editions of G.I. Joe as well. “Maybe there’s a way we can use other characters that haven’t been utilized as much.’ There’s different series and editions and different factions of G.I. Joe as well”, Caple Jr. added.

    Steven Caple Jr also wanted the ‘Transformers’ to explore other planets, as he believed that they had spent enough time on Earth and had the scope and size to explore deeper. He further said, “We’re just thinking too small.’ So, if we’re going to do movie number eight and nine and ten, maybe there’s a way to make this all more expansive and branch out.”

    Two sequels of ‘Transformers’ are in development, while an animated prequel ‘Transformers One’, which will be set on Cybertron, is scheduled to be released on September 13, 2024.

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