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    Why Mark Wahlberg Did Not Allow His Children To Watch The Most Successful Movie Of His Career

    Mark Wahlberg is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. The actor grew prominent after his role in 1997’s ‘Boogie Nights’, which gave him a straight ladder leading to big-budget films. Since then, Wahlberg has been a part of numerous acclaimed projects including ‘The Perfect Storm’, ‘Planet of the Apes’‘Ted’, ‘Ted 2’, ‘Daddy’s Home’, and its sequel.

    But out of all the films, 2014’s ‘Age of Extinction’ and 2017’s ‘The Last Knight’ from the ‘Transformers’ franchise, were the most successful films of Mark Wahlberg’s career. However, despite the achievement, the actor is hesitant to let his children watch the film.

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    Mark Wahlberg Banned His Children From Watching ‘Transformers

    Mark Wahlberg and his family
    Mark Wahlberg and his family

    During a 2013 interview with Contact Music, Mark Wahlberg shared an anecdote about why he prohibited his children from watching the most successful film of his career. Despite it all, ‘Transformers’ did not do well enough among the critics and fans, flooding with only negative reviews.

    Wahlberg narrated the incident saying, “My four year old screamed ‘s***’! the other day, when his brother knocked the football out of his hand. I almost laughed but thankfully I was able to hold it in. I said, Where did you hear that kind of language? and he looked up at me and said, Transformers. Then I told my wife and we have the Transformers DVDs down in their room—so they’ve been taken away now. But I hope they get to see the new one.”

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    ‘Transformers’ Bought Back Mark Wahlberg’s Childhood Memories

    Mark Wahlberg in Transformers
    Mark Wahlberg in Transformers

    Despite the negative reviews from the critics and fans, neither of them affected either Mark Wahlberg or destroyed his career. In 2017, the ‘Ted’ actor revealed to CBS News that shooting for ‘Transformers’ took him down a nostalgic path to his childhood. Wahlberg said, “It’s as much fun as you can ever imagine. Anybody who’s ever been a kid, playing with big things, this is exactly what it’s like. Blowing things up, shooting guns…it’s amazing.”

    During an interview with Cigar Aficionado Magazine, Wahlberg revealed the reason for his decision to shift towards producing. He explained that the decision was taken out of necessity as he did not want to depend on actors to pass a role to him. Wahlberg said, “I was always proactive in trying to find material and things that I could produce, that I knew was right for me, create my own destiny.”

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