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    Is Angelina Jolie’s Latest Middle Finger Tattoo A Dig At Her Ex-Husband Brad Pitt?

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were once the power couple of Hollywood, who developed romance as they played a married couple in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith‘. But today the couple is in an endless whirlpool of custody battles. And the latest, Angelina Jolie has got a new ink and fans speculate it to be a dig at Brad Pitt. 

    Brangelina parted ways officially in the year 2019, after a marriage that lasted two years. However, they fought for the custody of their six children. The pair was awarded joint custody of the children, in favour of Brad Pitt. This was followed by legal battles over their conjoint winery which still continues. So obviously Jolie has all the reasons to be angry at her ex-husband. 

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    Angelina Jolie Gets Her Middle Fingers Inked

    Angelina Jolie gets her middle fingers inked
    The actress Angelina Jolie gets her middle fingers inked

    Angelina Jolie got two small tattoos in the insides of her middle finger. It was inked by the popular celebrity makeup artist Mr. K. A photo of Angelina Jolie’s blurred inked middle fingers was shared by the tattoo artist on Instagram. Mr. K works at the Bang Bang studios in New York. 

    It didn’t take much time for netizens to come up with possible options for what the tattoo is. Many pointed out the possibility that the new ink is a get-back at her former husband Brad Pitt. “It’s NOTHING related with Brad Pitt,” Mr. K put an end to speculations through the comment section. 

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    Angelina Jolie Has More Than A Dozen Tattoos

    Various tattoos of Angelina Jolie
    Various tattoos of Angelina Jolie

    It’s not just one or two, but the director and actress Angelina Jolie has a dozen tattoos throughout her body. From the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children to meaningful phrases are all part of the tattoos, that the ‘Maleficient’ actress has on her body. She got many tattoos removed or covered over the years.

    The mother of six has various tattoos dedicated to her sons and daughters. The actress has various tattoos related to Buddhism including the Yant Kraw Petch, Yant ViHan Pha Chad Sada, and also the Buddhist swirls. She also has tattoos of Japanese symbols, tribal patterns, and even Rumi’s Persian poetry. The latest tattoo has been promised to be revealed by the artist soon.

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