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    Is Drake Becoming Official Sponsor Of FC Barcelona With His Owl Logo On The Jerseys?

    Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper and musician. Currently, he is one of the most famous musicians of his time. Drake has had one of the most impressive careers after his life shot to fame. He released his first-ever mixtape in 2016 called ‘Room For Improvement.

    Just a couple of months ago, Spotify signed and confirmed a deal with Barcelona in terms of shirt sponsorship. This was the music streaming service’s first approach toward a partnership with a football club. Among the different sponsor logos that were visible on the club’s shirt, this time Spotify’s logo would be one of the main as they intend to “bring the worlds of football and music together”.

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    Why Did Barcelona Choose Drake’s Owl Logo?

    On March 15, Barcelona announced its brand new partnership with music streaming service Spotify. The deal makes Spotify the club’s main sponsor and is leased for a contract of four years. As mentioned by SIGN UP, “It was predictably billed by both sides as a first-of-its-kind agreement.” In addition to this, Barca’s famous stadium will also be rebranded as Spotify Camp Nov.

    Barcelona players are all set to have their brand-new owl-shaped logo on the front of their t-shirts. It is the first “clasico” of the season in the Spanish League. The Grammy-winning artist Drake’s logo of an owl silhouette is all set to take the front as a result of the partnership of the Club with Spotify. The main aim of this partnership is to provide a new experience for football fans as well as reach a wider audience through this new branding.

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    The T-Shirts Celebrate Drake And His 50 Billion Streams On Spotify

    Drake revealed the information by posting a photo of the jersey that was sent to him on Instagram. This included the gold logo across the front. His name and the number 50 are printed on the back of the T-shirts. This is in honor of the number of record matches he has set.

    The Barcelona team is all set to warm up before the match by wearing T-shirts with the number 50 on them. As told by Juli Guiu, Vice President, “Our alliance with Spotify goes beyond a mere commercial relationship. It is a strategic relationship trough which we seek to bring together two worlds that can arouse emotion, namely music and football“.

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