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    “It Hurt My Feelings”: Eddie Murphy Recounts David Spade’s “Racist” Joke From Saturday Night Live In The 90s

    Over the years, Eddie Murphy has been the subject of a number of “cheap shots,” as he puts it. A A scathing example of the same is a “racist” joke made by David Spade on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where Murphy had previously been a cast member.

    Murphy recently talked about it in a New York Times interview, saying that Spade’s SNL joke about his reputedly failing career, referred to Murphy’s 1995 box office failure ‘Vampire in Brooklyn.’ During that year’s December ‘Hollywood Minute‘ skit on the late-night program, Spade made the joke that Murphy now refers to as “racist.” Here’s what the actor had to say, looking back at the moment, and what Spade has said in the past, in his defense.

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    Eddie Murphy Looks Back At David Spade’s ‘Racist Joke’

    David Spade and Eddie Murphy
    David Spade and Eddie Murphy

    The joke in question included this one moment of David Spade’s comedic bit where a picture of Eddie Murphy popped up on the screen and Spade said, “Look children, it’s a falling star. Make a wish.”

    At that time itself there was major backlash on Spade’s side regarding the joke, which he has addressed in his memoir, “I’ve come to see Eddie’s point on this one. Everybody in showbiz wants people to like them. That’s how you get fans. But when you get reamed in a sketch or online or however, that shit staaaangs. And it can add up quickly.”

    However, Murphy is still not over it. Recounting the rude comment, Murphy said, “It was like: ‘Yo, it’s in-house! I’m one of the family, and you’re fucking with me like that?’ It hurt my feelings like that.”

    “This is ‘Saturday Night Live.’ I’m the biggest thing that ever came off that show. The show would have been off the air if I didn’t go back on the show, and now you got somebody from the cast making a crack about my career?

    He added, “It was personal. It was like, ‘Yo, how could you do that?’ My career? Really? A joke about my career? So I thought that was a cheap shot. And it was kind of, I thought — I felt it was racist,” he added.

    However, things are okay between the two as Murphy said, “In the long run, it’s all good. Worked out great. I’m cool with David Spade. Cool with Lorne Michaels. I went back to ‘SNL.’ I’m cool with everybody. It’s all love.”

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    What Is Eddie Murphy Doing Now?

    Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy is currently busy promoting his next project is ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,’ which will debut on Netflix on July 3 and will be available for streaming globally. When asked why he intended to bring the series back, Murphy stated that he had been working on a new ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movie since 1996 and that the 1994 follow-up didn’t “come out good.”

    The actor also talked about his dream project. “This one thing I’ve been threatening to do for years called “Soul, Soul, Soul.” It’s like this fake documentary that I love,” he said.

    Talking about what it would be about, he said, “It’s this guy who’s part of the rock ’n’ roll, R.&B. thing back in the ’60s and worked with everybody; all these great moments, and he’s attached to all of these things.”

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