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    “It’s Quintessential…That Level Of Commitment”: Steve-O Reveals He’s Getting A Boob Job

    Steve-O is breaking stereotypes when it comes to plastic surgery as the stuntman revealed his plans of getting a boob job done, a surgery generally opted by women. His open declaration about the same has left many shocked and curious.

    Speaking about his doctor confirming that he’s getting a D-cup, the entertainer talked about the whole process and what inspired him to do it. Here’s everything you need to know about Steve-O’s boob job.

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    Why Is Steve-O Getting A Boob Job?


    Talking on the X5 podcast about his unconventional decision to get a boob job, Steve-O said he has been thinking about doing it for a while now. “I came up with the idea a few years ago to get a boob job and just film a bunch of legitimately funny hidden camera pranks with me in disguise, in various disguises, and then revealing who I actually am, and just funny endurance stunts and whatever,” he said.

    “I’ve been so particularly in love with that idea because the comedy, the opportunity for comedy, I believe is absolutely there, and it’s like the quintessential Steve-O — that level of commitment,” he added.

    The star also added that the surgery isn’t a permanent one and he would remove them after a month or two. He also confirmed that his doctor has ensured him that he’s getting a D-cup.

    “I spoke with the doctors, and I said to them candidly, ‘The one thing I’m really freaked out about and bummed out about and would back out of this over is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterwards,’” Steve-O explained. “You know, it’s going under the muscle, and the doctors are completely unfazed, like, ‘Two months, it comes out, absolutely no issue,’” he added.

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    Plastic Surgeries Are A Common Go-To In Hollywood

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian

    While Steve-O would be the first man to get a a boob job in Hollywood, there have been many women celebrities who did it before him. Many famous names from Hollywood have chosen to enhance specific attributes of their bodies or keep their youthful appearances intact through various treatments, either overtly or covertly.

    Many well-known Hollywood stars have openly acknowledged getting breast implants. For example, there has been a lot of speculation about reality TV personality Kim Kardashian‘s cosmetic surgeries. Although she hasn’t acknowledged it, both experts and fans think that augmentation plays a part in her beautiful figure.

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