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    “So Bloody Refreshing!”: Fans Gush Over Olivia Colman’s Honesty About Having “Loads” Of Botox

    Olivia Colman emerged as a familiar face in Hollywood after her role in the acclaimed show ‘Crown‘, where she took on the iconic role of Queen Elizabeth. While the actress received several accolades and widespread acclamation for her acting and impeccable depiction of the royal queen, the actress herself is often very honest and modest about herself.

    Known for her honesty and candid approach to life, Olivia Colman gave her fans yet another reason to rejoice in her down-to-earth attitude. As she recently had a chat with co-star Jessie Buckley on BBC’s Radio 2, the 50-year-old actress boldly admitted that she is a big fan of Botox.

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    “Oh, I’ve Had Loads!”: Olivia Colman Does Not Shy Away From Revealing Her Botox Usage

    Olivia Colman (Credit: Getty)
    Olivia Colman (Credit: Getty)

    DJ Vernon Kay from the BBC radio was not expecting Olivia Colman to make a shocking revelation about her fondness for Botox. Though the concept carried a stigma in Hollywood, the actress did not shy away from embracing it as something she loves and often relies on.

    Colman and her co-star Jessie Buckley were having a candid chat with DJ Vernon Kay on BBC’s Radio 2 when the trio discussed music trivia when Kay revealed that he shares the birth year with Coleman.

    As Kay pointed out that they are the same age, Colman seemed baffled. “Are we? I look like your mum, you look so young,” Colman told Kay, adding, “That’s really annoying.”

    She then asked if Kay “how much Botox” he’d gotten himself over the years to look so young. “Ay, none! No, I refuse,” he responded.

    Oh, I’ve had loads!” Colman admitted, bursting into laughter. “It’s needles in your face!” she added when asked if the procedure hurts.

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    “God I love her!”: Fans Applaud Olivia Colman For Her Honesty

    Olivia Colman (Credit: Getty)
    Olivia Colman (Credit: Getty)

    Fans on social media applauded her refreshing honesty and wit. A part of the video on social media soon got flooded with comments appreciating the actress. “So bloody refreshing!” one user commented. “God I love her,” a second one quipped.

    Some fans also asked the DJ to drop his skincare routine which he uses to sustain such great skin without Botox.

    Colman’s openness about her use of injectables is something rare in Hollywood as many celebrities either keep their Botox treatments private or publicly oppose them. This is not the first time that the actress has embraced the treatment.

    She has shared her positive experience with Botox during a 2021 interview with The Times, and also revealed how she needs to schedule treatments carefully around movie and TV roles. “I have done Botox, and I LOVED it [but] I’ve done it when I know there is a big gap,” Colman revealed.

    Even when portraying an aging Queen Elizabeth II in ‘The Crown’, she took a break from Botox. However, it seems the talented actress has returned to her usual routine and is thoroughly enjoying it unapologetically.

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