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    Johnny Depp And Camille Vasquez Will Return To Court To Fight Assault Charges Against The Actor In July

    Johnny Depp‘s legal struggle is far from over, in spite of the fact that he just won a defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in Virginia. Camille Vasquez, who emerged as the actor’s star lawyer during the trial, will be the one to represent him in court in July.

    The trial will be for an assault lawsuit filed by a former employee against Depp in 2018. Gregory Brooks, a site manager, played the role of the complainant in ‘City of Lies‘ – a crime thriller that starred Johnny Depp. According to Brooks, the two got into an altercation when Brooks informed the actor that they were running out of time for filming and that they needed to get moving.

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    Brooks Alleges Johnny Depp Hit Him Twice In The Rib Cage

    Brooks Alleges Johnny Depp Hit Him Twice
    Brooks accused Johnny Depp of assault

    Brooks claimed that Depp punched him twice in the rib cage and inflicted other injuries. In the court documents, he described them as “verbal attacks” that cause “mental anguish.” Aside from that, the site manager claimed Depp promised him $100,000 if he’d strike him in the face. According to Brooks’ lawsuit, he was injured physically and psychologically as a result of the encounter.

    Claims that Johnny Depp was forcefully taken from the scene by his own security personnel and that Brooks’ breath “reeked of booze” also appear in the documents.

    The accusations against Brooks, according to Depp, were said to be “In self-defense or in the protection of others.” The actor’s legal team said that Depp was “provoked” and Brooks made him “feel uncomfortable” in their response to the 2018 complaint.

    Depp is scheduled to appear in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse

    Depp is scheduled to appear in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse
    Depp is scheduled to appear in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse

    On July 25, Johnny Depp will appear in court at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. The exact amount of money that Brooks is claiming in damages is still a mystery.

    Amber Heard, Depp’s ex-wife, was recently involved in a defamation dispute that lasted six weeks. Heard was convicted guilty on three counts of slander in the widely publicized trial, which mostly went in favor of Depp. Depp’s legal counsel, Camille Vasquez, gained much popularity for her trial skills and was even made a partner at her law firm after the jury’s verdict in the case was announced. She will again represent Depp in the assault case in July.

    As for Depp, he was awarded ten million dollars in compensatory damages and a further five million dollars in punitive damages in the defamation trial. The state’s statutory cap on punitive damages lowered the amount to $350,000. The ‘Aquaman’ actress, on the other hand, received $2 million in compensatory damages.

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