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    Kanye West Imposes Restrictions On Bianca Censori. Here’s The List

    Kanye West descended into an ousted celebrity who once had supreme power in both the music and fashion worlds. Due to his erratic behavior, Ye lost the credibility and chokehold he had over the industry. However, the anti-Semitism and provocative fashion statements against African Americans have affected the rapper’s professional career, making him lose money and fame.

    In 2022, Ye’s professional life was not only at stake. He was going through a publicly humiliating divorce with Kim Kardashian. Kanye was bullying and harassing Kim and her then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. After finalizing the divorce with Kim in November 2022, West married the Yeezy architect, Bianca Censori. Like Kim, the ‘Donda’ rapper is dominating Bianca’s style choices and putting several restrictions on her.

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    Kanye West Sets Rules For Bianca Censori

    Kanye West has been dominating the eating and clothing habits of Bianca Censori
    Kanye West has been dominating the eating and clothing habits of Bianca Censori

    Ye and Bianca Censori have been on vacation in Italy. But the couple has stirred controversy due to their risque clothes and lewd public behavior, which got them banned from a Venetian taxi service.

    It seems like Kanye has been imposing his ways on Bianca Censori since they got married. West, like his exes, has been styling her in some outrageous clothes and preventing her from interacting with any media. A source has informed the Daily Mail that Kanye West has created a list of bizarre rules for Bianca Censori.

    The source said, “Kanye has a set of rules for Bianca, which include never talking and wearing what he wants her to wear.” The source has claimed that Ye has told Bianca to obey him because he thinks that they are royalty.

    It added, “He also requires her to eat only certain foods and to exercise, even though Kanye doesn’t work out. She no longer has any will of her own and obeys him because he has convinced her that they are royalty.”

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    Bianca’s Family Members Are Upset With Her

    Bianca Censori upsets her cousins in Italy for not visiting them
    Bianca Censori upsets her cousins in Italy for not visiting them

    Bianca Censori is a native Australian, but she also has extended family in Italy. Recently, Bianca and Kanye West‘s pictures from Italy went viral, but the family in Italy is unhappy that she did not visit them with Ye while in the country. Censori’s cousin, Fabiola Censori, talked to the Daily Mail and said that it was shameful that she had not visited her cousins for so many years.

    Fabiola said, “I’ve never met Bianca but I would love to. It was a shame she didn’t come and visit us when she was in Italy on holiday.” The Italian cousin also said that the family from Australia used to fly to Italy to visit them, but they have stopped now. Censori continued, “Her dad came here years ago and we had a beautiful evening together with all the family and it was wonderful to see him, but as for Bianca and Kanye no comment. We feel a bit ignored.”

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