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    Kanye West Is Getting Sued By Dora Szilagyi. Who Is She?

    The dawn of a superstar, like Kanye West, is now marred with controversies, and his reputation is tainted as he displayed career-ending antics. West has hampered his brand value and financial assets due to his erratic behavior. It all started with Paris Fashion Week in 2022, where he debuted his ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts, and then he went on a spree attacking Jews. The industry reacted to this with a boycott of the rapper.

    Due to his controversies, he has also been a problematic employer. Since the Paris Fashion Week debacle, many former Yeezy and Adidas employees have complained about Ye. They alleged that the ‘Donda’ rapper played pornography during business and creative meetings. His ex-manager has also dragged him into a lawsuit alleging non-payment of the dues and breaching an agreement. Now, a former Yeezy employee, Dora Szilagyi, has filed a lawsuit against him for nonpayment of dues.

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    Dora Szilagyi Is Suing Kanye West For Dues Worth $275K


    Lawsuits are not leaving Kanye West’s shadow anytime soon! A former Yeezy employee, Dora Szilagyi, is contending with a lawsuit for $275,000 in unpaid dues. Dora has a Master of Arts degree from the Royal College of Art. She worked for big design houses like Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier before joining Adidas. Dora was a valued employee at the German shoe giant, where she worked for a decade.

    In 2021, she joined Yeezy as the ‘Director of Innovation.’ As per TMZ Hip Hop, “Dora Szilagyi was hired to be Yeezy’s ‘Director of Product Innovation’ in June 2021, but only after Kanye convinced her to quit her role at Adidas and work for him full-time.” As per the designer, the company assured a severance payment of $275K if she gets fired after September 2021. But Yeezy let Dora go in mid-December 2021, and she has not received her pay yet.

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    The Rapper’s Ex-Manager Is Also Suing Him

    Thomas St. John
    Thomas St. John

    When Kanye West’s antics reached unprecedented heights, fashion industry moguls like Adidas and Balenciaga cut ties with him. Along with them, Yeezy also suffered the financial brunt. So, to avoid any confrontation with any employee, Ye was on the run. It was alleged that Kanye might be running from his former manager, Thomas St. John.

    The CEO of ‘Thomas St. John Group’, Thomas, joined hands with Ye in March 2022. Kanye promised to reimburse him with a $300,000, monthly retainer. However, the partnership lasted for only three months, but Ye, as promised, did not remunerate the manager.

    So, St. John filed a lawsuit alleging Kanye for failing to pay the promised amount and breaching the 18-month agreement. But Thomas and his lawyers are unable to serve him with the papers despite attempts to send them to every address and contact his law firm. The law firm that represented Kanye has also cut ties with the entrepreneur.

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