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    Kate Hudson Recalls Taking “A Full Year Off” From Dating And Flirting To Break Certain Patterns As Per Therapist’s Advice

    The Hollywood life behind the scenes often comes with dramatic romantic lives for celebrities. While it makes for some great content for their fans, many celebrities often struggle with finding love and navigating the complexities of emotions and relationships. One such celebrity who got candid about her romantic life and the struggles that came with it is Kate Hudson.

    The actress recently revealed that she took a year-long break from dating after her therapist advised her to stay away romantic associations for a while. Speaking on the Call Her Daddy’ podcast, the actress revealed some intricate details of her romantic life and how it has affected her mental health. Here’s what she said.

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    Kate Hudson Was In Her 30s When She Took A Break From Flirting And Dating

    Kate Hudson
    Kate Hudson

    In a rather shocking revelation, Kate Hudson said that she followed her therapist’s advice and took a year-long break from dating. The 45-year-old actress said that she also followed a no-flirting policy during the break, aimed to break the recurring patterns where she ended up dating men who were not good for her mental and emotional well-being.

    I took a full year off,” Hudson said while peaking on the podcast show hosted by Alex Cooper. “I was like, ‘What?’ I couldn’t floor no, yea, none of it. But it was great,” she added, clarifying that she took the hiatus when she was “thirty-something” and keen on making some important changes in her life.

    I was at that place where I was, like, I don’t wanna keep repeating any patterns anymore. I have a great therapist who was, like, ‘I can help you, but you have to do it,'” Hudson said. She also clarified that the restrictions did not come easy to her and she struggled to follow through.

    Kate Hudson said she has a penchant for flirting and therefore the decision to not date oor flirt became particularly challenging. But Hudson committed to it wholeheartedly. “Basically, I was like, OK. Well, I guess I can’t even text guys,” she said, adding that she even stopped sharing her number with people entirely.

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    Here’s How Kate Hudson’s Break From Dating And Flirting Helped Her A Great Deal

    Kate Hudson and her husband
    Kate Hudson and her husband

    Speaking more about her therapist-recommended break from dating, Hudson described the experience as “strangely empowering.” However, she said it also became “very uncomfortable” and “not fun” as it affected her usual social interactions.

    The actress said that the therapy remedy was to address specific issues within herself. “Because we were going through various specific types of therapy, it was really about figuring out certain things that were happening with me,” she explained. The actress further added that she experienced a breakthrough during this period, as she was able to access emotions and insights that would have remained hidden if she had any distractions.

    After six months of sticking with her decided schedule, Hudson said she became less and less concerned with her phone and social outings. “There was no desire for me to be doing anything that had anything to do with potential, you know, flirtation,” she said.

    Her therapist eventually told her that she could start flirting again after a year. However, Hudson was not the same anymore. “Men began texting me again, but I didn’t have the same attachment to flirting anymore,” she said.

    Hudson also noted that it was this decision to take a hiatus from relationships that led her to her now fiancé, Danny Fujikawa. The couple has been engaged since 2021 and shares a five-year-old daughter, Rani Rose. Hudson is also a mom to sons Ryder Robinson with ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham “Bing” Bellamy with former fiancé Matt Bellamy.

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