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    Kim Kardashian Reveals She Tried Channeling Sister Kourtney in ‘AHS’ But Ended Up Giving Kris Jenner Energy

    Kim Kardashian has ventured into the world of acting after bracing the glamour industry with her reality TV  performances as well as her fashion and beauty expertise. If critics are to be believed, she is doing exceptionally well as an actor too. Her pivotal role in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate‘ has earned her some critical acclaim in the realm of acting.

    Kim is not leaving any stone unturned to give her best to her performance. She recently revealed that she drew from real-life experiences to shape her portrayal of Siobhan Corbyn in AHS. In a conversation with Chloë Sevigny for ‘Variety’s Actors on Actors‘, Kardashian discussed how she approached playing the ruthless publicist in the show. Here’s what she said.

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    Kim Kardashian Aimed To Channel Sister Kourtney, But Ended Up Giving Kris Energy On Screen

    Still from 'AHS'
    Still from ‘AHS’

    Kim Kardashian plays the role of Siobhan Corbyn, an assistant to Emma Roberts’ character, Anna Victoria Alcott in Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Horror Story: Delicate‘. Portraying a ruthless woman with undertones of horror to it was not an easy feat for Kim. But to ensure perfection, she said she drew inspiration from her older sister Kourtney Kardashian Barker.

    I was really channeling my sister Kourtney and someone that I work with,” Kardashian said during the interview. However, many viewers felt her character resembled another family member. “When it came out, everyone was like, ‘That is Kris Jenner all the way.’ And I was like, ‘I guess I had that preparation already, but it’s not what I was thinking.’ But I see it now,” she said.

    The creator of AHS, Ryan Murphy directly approached Kardashian for the role. “I really want to write something for you. Would you consider doing ‘American Horror Story’?” Murphy told her. Kardashian, familiar with the franchise, saw it as an honor and took the opportunity. “Sometimes it just takes one person to believe in you and give you that push,” she said of Murphy.

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    Kim Kardashian Is Set To Play Another Pivotal Role In A Ryan Murphy Show

    Still from 'AHS'
    Still from ‘AHS’

    Ryan Murphy was on point with the casting, as Kim Kardashian’s character resonated quite deeply with the audiences. The pair is set to work together again on another series, wherein Kardashian will play “a high-powered divorce attorney.”

    “I’m really excited about it. And, again, that confidence that he believes in me to take this project on means so much to me. It feels so right as a character that I could be a lawyer in real life and play one on TV,” Kim explained.

    She also revealed that she will draw inspiration from Laura Wasser, her divorce lawyer, for the role. “There are so many fun moments with Laura and I where I’m just like, ‘Don’t ever let me do this again!’ Then the next [divorce], she would be like, ‘Hi, you reminded me last time, don’t ever let you do this again,'” she said of her lawyer.

    American Horror Story: Delicate‘ is now streaming on Hulu.

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