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    Kristen Stewart Goes “Uncensored” In Bold Magazine Cover Photoshoot Aimed To “Flip The Gender Script”

    Kristen Stewart has developed an image for her bold takes ever since she has come out as a queer person. And as she has frequently said, the ‘Twilight’ actress wants to do the “gayest thing you’ve ever seen” – an that’s what she has done.

    In a rather bold and stereotype-breaking photoshoot for the Rolling Stone, Kristen Stewart has made it to the headlines for embracing her queerness in the sexiest way possible. The actress is actively challenging the traditional gender norms through the photoshoot with several of her provocative yet mindful pictures.

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    Kristen Stewart Wanted To “Send A Message” And “Flip The Gender Script” Through The Bold Photo Shoot

    Kristen Stewart (Image: Getty)
    Kristen Stewart (Image: Getty)

    33-year-old Kristen Stewart is at a point of her career where she is extremely close to becoming a queer icon. The actress came out as queer in 2017 and has since been quite vocal about the LGBTQIA rights and lives. To add more to it in the best way possible, the actress has now tried to send a message by gracing the magazine cover of The Rolling Stone with provocative poses.

    In one of the photos, Stewart can be seen with her hand inside a jockstrap, paired with an unzipped black leather Vena Cava vest that exposed her toned torso. The actress is wearing everything a woman would wear, but striking poses that a man would typically strike.

    Speaking about the photo-shoot, the actress said she wanted to “send a message” and “flip the gender script” with the risqué cover. “If I got through the entire ‘Twilight’ series without ever doing a Rolling Stone cover, it’s because the boys were the sex symbols,” she said, referencing to her Twilight’ co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

    Now, I want to do the gayest f—king thing you’ve ever seen in your life,” she said. “If I could grow a little mustache, if I could grow a f—king happy trail and unbutton my pants, I would. Guys — I’m sorry — but their f—king pubes are shoved in my face constantly, and I’m like, ‘Ummmm, bring it in,’” she said.

    The photoshoot showed Stewart in other bold poses as well. From spreading her legs with an “Eat me” graphic tee to posing in floral underwear in traditionally male stances, Stewart embraced her fluidity and pushed boundaries in the shoot. In one particular sultry picture, she can be seen posing lifting her T-shirt over her head to expose her bare back.

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    Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Struggles To “Fit In” As A Gender-Fluid Person

    Kristen Stewart (Image: Getty)
    Kristen Stewart (Image: Getty)

    In the interview, Stewart opened up about her past struggles with societal expectations, and the efforts she need to put in just to fit into conventional standards of femininity during her high school years. “I was like, ‘Cool. I’m going to do everything I can to try and f—king figure out how to look like a girl and get these guys to like me,‘” she recalled.

    However, Stewart noted that she’s “never felt like I have performed a femininity in order to reap its benefits in a way that felt like a lie.” “I’m very fluid, and I’ve never felt like, ‘Oh, wow, I was doing this lie for a long time in order to get jobs,‘” she said.

    That would be wrong. I have had a good time playing with all of the tonal qualities. But there’s so much room for success when you choose the girlie one. There’s no room for this other one,” she added.

    The Spencer’ actress also opened up about her struggle with severe anxiety at the height of her ‘Twilight’ frame. She said her mental health suffered so much that she was hospitalized after she was “unable to unclench her first.”

    “They were like, ‘She’s dehydrated.’ I was like, ‘I’m not dehydrated. I’m f—king flipping out,‘” she explained. “They gave me an IV and a mild sedative, and I started calming down and my hands started opening up,” she said.

    Stewart’s bold and unapologetic approach in the Rolling Stone photoshoot and interview has pushed her closer to being the flid Hollywood icon that is not afraid of challenging stereotypes.

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