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    Lawsuit Number: Infinite! Kanye West’s Educational Venture, Donda Academy, Gets Sued Again By A Fired Employee

    Kanye West has descended into a despicable human being and celebrity since 2022. West tainted his image with his erratic behavior and lost a considerable amount of wealth and credibility in the industry. He spewed hate against the African American community and Jews. Ye announced to go “def con 3” against the Jews. Due to his antics, he lost deals with industry giants like Adidas, Balenciaga, and others.

    Amidst this, Kanye West opened an educational institution called Donda Academy.’ The school raised many suspicions when he opened it. The parents have to sign an NDA on behalf of their kids. Even if he has opened the institution, it is uncertain whether it has received accreditation from The Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Recently, two teachers from the school sued the ‘Donda’ rapper for nonpayment of dues, violation of the health code, and a volatile environment. Now, an assistant principal has sued the rapper after he got fired after he raised concerns about safety issues.

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    The Assistant Principal At The Donda Academy By Kanye West Was Terminated For Raising Concerns Over Safety Issues

    Kanye West's Donda Academy gets sued for firing the assistant principal and terminating his rental allowance
    Kanye West’s Donda Academy gets sued for firing the assistant principal and terminating his rental allowance

    Kanye West is now a defendant in another lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court! This time it is another employee for his school, Donda Academy. The plaintiff, Isaiah Meadows, has accused Ye of expelling him after he expressed concerns over the safety issues at the school. He joined the school as the assistant principal in 2020.

    Isaiah Meadows alleged that there were not many amenities available for students and teachers at the school. The Donda Academy did not have glass because Ye does not like glass. The electricity services are of inferior quality in the school. It was not functional at the beginning, so the teachers taught students “under commercial flood lamps, powered by a generator.”

    The schools did not have a proper facility for a septic tank, which used to overflow every day and create a noxious smell. The school assured Meadows a $18,400 salary a month along with rental assistance. As per him, the school stopped paying his rent after three months, costing him an additional $60,000 to cover the rent.

    After firing Isaiah, the school hired him again, but they demoted him. Meadows’ lawyer said, “It is just absolutely egregious what is going on at this school.”

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    Two Former Teachers Also Sued The Institution For Non-Payment Of Dues And Violation Of The Health Code

    Kanye West is getting sued by former teachers at the Donda Academy
    Kanye West is getting sued by former teachers at the Donda Academy

    Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, former teachers at the Donda Academy, filed a lawsuit against Kanye West for not paying their dues properly and risking children’s health with various code violations. Cecilia and Chekarey are mother and daughter.

    The former joined the school in November 2022, and the latter got appointed as the fifth-grade teacher in January 2023.

    Cecilia Hailey accused the Donda Academy of “multiple health and safety violations, as well as unlawful practices.” The color code at school was gray, which made the environment for the students murky. She alleged that there is no proper disciplinary system due to constant bullying instances. The veteran teacher also alleged that the students are not allowed to carry their tiffins and are forced to eat sushi for lunch.

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