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    Liam Payne’s Ex-Fiancée Maya Henry Reveals She Went Through An Abortion Alone Seemingly During Their Relationship

    Since the split of ‘One Direction‘, the band members have rarely been in the limelight. However, their professional and personal lives make a comeback every now and then. Liam Payne‘s ex-fiancée, Maya Henry recently opened up about a traumatic experience she had during her relationship with the singer.

    Henry is promoting her new book, ‘Looking Forward’, and it was during a promotion interview that she revealed that the book is fictional, it is strongly inspired by events from her own life. The novel centers around a character named Mallory who faces severe complications after undergoing an abortion with her British pop star boyfriend, Oliver. Clarifying that the abortion part is true, Oliver spilled out some details of her relationship with Payne during the interview.

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    Maya Henry Opens Up About Her Abortion Experience

    Maya Henry
    Maya Henry

    Maya Henry said that she underwent a medical abortion a few years ago, seemingly while she was still in a relationship with Liam Payne. The revelation came as a huge shock for both her fans and those of Liam.

    Henry confirmed that her real life had similar incidents to the storyline in her book. She admitted that the situation Mallory from the novel faced was similar to her life. “What I went through in real life is very similar to what Mallory went through in the book,” the 23-year-old told People, referring to a pregnancy termination the character undergoes in the book.

    I definitely did have some complications [following my abortion], and I did have to go to the hospital alone,” she added, further detailing the adversities during her pregnancy. However, she did not reveal the exact timeframe of the tragedy, nor the name of the person who impregnated her at the time.

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    Maya Henry Does Not Name Liam Payne, But Her Book’s Storyline Does

    Liam Payne and Maya Oliver
    Liam Payne and Maya Oliver

    While discussing the challenges she faced alone after her abortion, Maya Henry said she regrets the decision to terminate the pregnancy. “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have done it. But then also, if I were to have made a different decision, then I would’ve lost the person that I loved,” she said.

    There were definitely difficult conversations about it. But looking back now, things happen for a reason,” she added. Though she did not name-drop Liam Payne during the interview, the description of Mallory’s fiance in the book is quite similar to Payne’s.

    Henry’s relationship with Payne began in 2018 and the two also got engaged in 2020. However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple eventually parted ways in 2022 after a temporary breakup in 2021.

    Payne shares a son named Bear with ex Cheryl Cole. He also briefly dated Aliana Mawla before starting a relationship with Kate Cassidy in October 2022. Henry, meanwhile, did not reveal her relationship status.

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