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    Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Home Might Get Historic Designation To Save It From Demolition

    Marilyn Monroe is an iconic name that still continues to get heartbeats up. The actress has left an indelible mark on Hollywood not just with her enchanting looks, but also with the sheer excellence that she brought to the screens. Though she is not among us anymore, her legacy, both in terms of her fame and wealth, has been left behind.

    Marilyn Monroe’s former residence at 12305 W. 5th Helena Drive in Brentwood, is where the actress lived for a good while and breathed her last. The property holds great significance for several reasons, but its current owner is all set to demolish it. To prevent that from happening, authorities are trying to get the mansion the status of a historical cultural monument.

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    Why Is Marilyn Monroe’s House Being Demolished?

    Marilyn Monroe's property (Image: Getty)
    Marilyn Monroe’s property (Image: Getty)

    The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission recently voted unanimously to label the Spanish-style house that belonged to Marilyn Monroe as a historic property. This will mark an important step toward preserving its legacy.

    The house holds great significance for Monroe as well as her legacy and fans as it was the only property that the legendary actress ever bought for herself. The property’s current owner, Glory of the Snow Trust, had secured a demolition permit in September 2023 for the house. However, the LA City Council suspended the permit and stalled the trust’s further plans for construction on the land.

    However, the house is not entirely out of danger yet. Though the Cultural Heritage Commission’s decision has guaranteed a 180-day protection against potential demolition, the ultimate safeguarding of the property will depend on the L.A. Planning and Use Committee and City Council’s reviews.

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    Historian Explains Why The Property Is Significant

    Marilyn Monroe (Image: Getty)
    Marilyn Monroe (Image: Getty)

    Historian Scott Fortner is collaborating with the Monroe Preservation Group for the cause. He was the one who brought forth some noteworthy details about the house’s history. According to Fortner, “famed historic Los Angeles architect Harbin Hunter not only lived at the home, but he also very likely designed it.”

    Constructed in 1929, Monroe bought the house in February 1962 for $77,500 after her divorce from playwright Arthur Miller. The actress invested around $51,000, which is equivalent to approximately $500,000 in 2024, in renovations and refurbishments. Monroe died at the early age of 36 in the same house in August of the same year.

    Speaking about Monroe in a September press conference, Councilwoman Traci Park said, “For people all over the world, Marilyn Monroe was more than just a movie icon. Her story from her challenging childhood growing up in orphanages and foster homes to becoming a global sensation is a shining example of what it means to overcome adversity.”

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