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    Matt LeBlanc Did The Most Joey Tribbiani Thing With His First ‘Friends’ Paycheck

    ‘Friends’ was a gift sent straight from heaven. For years, we’ve laughed and cried and shared our lives with six twenty-somethings. The sitcom was also a huge break for the unknown cast. Not only did they become household names, but they also become financially set for the rest of their lives.

    As you do with your paycheck, the primary cast of the timeless sitcom indulged themselves with treats. However, what Matt LeBlanc, spent his first paycheck on, makes him a real-life Joey Tribbianni. It’s also a touching anecdote that makes restores our faith in hard work eventually being paid in the end.

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    Matt LeBlanc’s First ‘Friends’ Paycheck

    Matt LeBlanc on 'Friends'
    Matt LeBlanc on ‘Friends’

    Before ‘Friends,’ Matt LeBlanc starred in commercials and music videos. He had a recurring role in the sitcom ‘Married…With Children.’ He played Vinnie Verducci, a family friend of protagonist Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) who briefly dates his daughter, Kelly (Christina Applegate). He also guest-starred in the first season of ‘Red Shoe Diaries,’ and ‘Married… With Children’ spin-offs, ‘Top of the Heap’ and ‘Vinnie & Bobby.’

    Matt LeBlanc bought a warm dinner for himself. Before landing the role of a lifetime, LeBlanc was a broke, struggling actor paying his dues. Before he was on ‘Friends,’ he only had $11 dollars to carry him through. Much to his relief and delight, his life changed for the better. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $85 Million. Now that’s a whole lot of dinners for a lifetime!

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    How Did The Rest Of ‘Friends’ Cast Spend Their First Paycheck?

    The cast of 'Friends'
    The cast of ‘Friends’

    In comparison to Matt LeBlanc, some of the cast members chose to splash their cash on leather seats and four wheels. Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel on the show, treated herself with a swanky, brand-new 1969 280 Mercedes. While she may have worked in fashion on the sitcom, she surely knows how to pick a ride.

    Meanwhile, Courtney Cox, who played the cleaning-obsessed Monica Gellar on the show, splurged on Porsche. Although she didn’t remember the kind of Porsche she brought, it was still a well-deserved present to herself. Lisa Kudrow followed them, getting herself an Acura Legend.

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