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    “Meeting Up With Tom Hanks And Oprah To Drink Blood”: Jimmy Kimmel Takes Scathing Jab At Aaron Rodgers After Epstein List Allegations

    Jimmy Kimmel starts his first live of the year with a monologue clapping back at Aaron Rodgers’ allegations of him being on the Epstein list. 2024’s first-week highlights include the Jets quarterback implying that late-night talk show host Kimmel’s name might be on the highly anticipated and freshly disclosed Epstein List.

    Rodgers remarked during his weekly McAfee appearance on January 2, “There’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, that are really hoping that doesn’t come out.” The comedian responded by threatening legal action in an X/Twitter post. Stating in his recent live that his name never appeared in any of the documents, and he has no prior connection to the deceased paedophile, Jeffery Epstein.

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    Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Retaliation To Aaron Rodgers’ Accusations

    Aaron Rodgers is going after Jimmy Kimmel
    Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Kimmel

    Jimmy Kimmel takes the mic and turns the stage into a comedic battleground, responding to Aaron Rodgers‘ eyebrow-raising claim of Kimmel’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s documents. In his first opening monologue of this year on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night host did not hold back. 

    Ridiculing Rodgers and dissecting the absurdity of the accusations made by him on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’. He said, “When you hear a guy who won a Super Bowl and did all the State Farm commercials say something like this...” ‘Something’ in question being, “a lot of people believe it. A lot of delusional people honestly believe I am meeting up with Tom Hanks and Oprah at Shakeys once a week to eat pizza and drink the blood of children.”

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    Kimmel Claims Aaron Rodgers’ Allegations Were A Result Of His Fragile Ego

    Jimmy Kimmel slammed Aaron Rodgers in the latest episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
    Jimmy Kimmel slammed Aaron Rodgers in the latest episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

    Comedian Kimmel further into the monologue shared his conclusion over why would retired NFL player would put him on blast. And unsurprisingly a dive into the case did reveal a motive. The accused host started with “he doesn’t actually believe it, and that he just said it because he’s mad at me for making fun of his top knot and his lies about being vaccinated.”

    Additionally, the late-night host surmised that Rodgers’ largest grudge stemmed from the time he made fun of him. Rodgers was advocating a conspiracy theory stating that UFO news was being provided as a diversion from the Epstein list and that Rodgers’ comment was a kind of reprisal.

    “Aaron got two A’s on his report card and they were both in the word ‘Aaron’,” Kimmel said throwing punchlines on darts. During the brutal clapback with a coating of humour, Jimmy also dismissed McAfee’s apology saying “Saying someone is a pedophile is not an opinion, nor is it trash talk. Sorry, Pat McAfee.” 

    However, Kimmel did say “When I do get something wrong, which happens on rare occasions, you know what I do? I apologize.” Adding about the footballer “But I bet he won’t. If he does, you know what I’ll do? I’ll accept his apology and move on. But he probably won’t do that. My guess is he won’t apologize.”

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