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    Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Islands: What Happened There And Who Owns Them Now?

    The name of Jeffrey Epstein is known to perhaps everyone who follows the news and with his name, they might also know about his two infamous islands. The notorious financier and sex offender, owned two private islands in the Caribbean: Little St. James and Great St. James. The islands are famous for being the site of his most horrific crimes. He allegedly abused and trafficked several underage girls and young women for his wealthy friends.

    Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking of minors in New York and Florida in 2019 and died by suicide in a jail cell in August before he even went to trial. So what happened to Jeffrey’s infamous islands after his death?

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    What Did Jeffrey Epstein Do On His Islands?

    Jeffrey Epstein owned 2 private islands

    Jeffrey Epstein bought Little St. James in 1998 from venture capitalist Arch Cummin for about $8 million. He then renovated the 75-acre island clearing native vegetation and building a mansion, a temple-like structure, a sundial, a sprawling security system and a giant wooden door that reportedly led to an underground tunnel system. The island was nicknamed by the locals as Paedophile Island” or “Orgy Island” because of the rumors of what went down there.

    In 2016, Epstein purchased the neighboring 165-acre island, Great St. James for $22.5 million from a real estate developer. His plans for the island were stalled as he faced several environmental and zoning laws. As far as evidence goes, he used to abuse underage girls and engage in illegal sexual activities frequently on the islands along with his associates.

    During his time on the island, Epstein carried on with his sex crimes, and hosted parties that were attended by politicians like ex-US President Bill Clinton, businesspersons like Bill Gates, celebrities like Kevin Spacey and even members of the Royal Family like Prince Andrew.

    After his death in 2019, the islands were put up for sale by his estate as a part of the compensation fund for victims.

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    What Happened To The Islands?

    According to recent news, an anonymous buyer bought the islands from his estate in April 2023 for $49.5 million. The identity of the buyer has not been disclosed. Many speculate that it must be someone close to Jeffrey Epstein who was involved in his operation and is trying to cover tracks. However, the fate of the islands is not final as it is still subjected to legal disputes.

    The U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General, Denise George, has filed a civil lawsuit against Epstein’s estate which accuses him of running a criminal enterprise that included human trafficking, child abuse, sexual assault and money laundering for over two decades. She has also issued subpoenas to several people who have worked for or visited Epstein on his islands, including his former girlfriend and accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

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