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    Tom Hanks Claims Tom Cruise Owes Him Money For A $267 Million Movie Role That Was Only Possible Because Of His Date Issues

    Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise are two faces that are currently popular for their flawless performances on screen. But for all those who are not aware of it, they must know that Hanks and Cruise have been best friends for a very long time.

    It must be noted that Hanks and Cruise have played roles that will be remembered for a long time. But now it seems like Hanks has a few issues with Cruise that might not be sorted out so easily.

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    Tom Hanks was supposed to portray the lead role in Jerry Maguire instead of Tom Cruise

    Jerry Maguire‘ is said to be one of the best works of Tom Cruise. It was directed by Cameron Crowe but people don’t know that Tom Hanks was supposed to play the role which was portrayed by Cruise.

    Hanks could not play the role as he had a very busy schedule and Cruise was brought in as a replacement. Now because Hanks rejected the role, he believes that Cruise owes him a dollar. Hanks mentioned in an interview and said that he had a word with Cameron Crowe a year in advance.

    He added that at the time, his friend Jonathan Demme and he were speaking on the staff they were planning to do. He continued: “And I had this idea for That Thing You Do@! So by the time that train was running…I made that movie and was not available then to work with Cameron Crowe. I would like to think, however, that Tom Cruise owes me one dollar. And I am still waiting for the check.”

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    Are Tom Cruise And Tom Hanks Friends?

    Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise have been close friends over the years

    Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise have had a long relationship. In fact, Hanks and his colleagues at Playtone World Headquarters search for the white chocolate coconut bundt cake that Cruise delivers to their office. Hanks loves the cake so much that mentioned it as a part of his last meal on the planet.

    Hanks has been appearing in various films over the years. He is known for his performances in comedy films like ‘Splash’, ‘Big’, ‘A League of their Own’ and more.

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