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    Molly Yeh Kids: Meet Her Daughters Bernie And Ira

    Molly Yeh is known for her whisking and baking. She was born and raised in Glenview, Illinois to Jody and clarinetist John Bruce Yeh. Author of three books, host of two cooking shows, and producing a series, Yeh has established a name for herself in the culinary world. Along with her profession, she has managed to balance her private life as well.

    Immediately after high school Molly moved to New York to attend the Juilliard School and earned a Bachelor of Music degree. In 2014, she married Nick Hager, a fellow Juilliard music major. Yeh’s older sister, Jenna is also a chef also her younger half-sister, Mia. Yeh has an impressive personal resume and has achieved a long list of accolades professionally. Molly is not only a businesswoman and celebrity chef, but she is also a wife and mother of two. 

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    All About Molly Yeh’s Children

    Along with being a world-renounced chef and a prominent name in the culinary world, Molly Yeh is the mother of two children. Yeh’s first daughter, Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen was born in March 2019. In an interview with the People, Yeh explained the ancestor’s connection to her daughter’s name. She told, “Bernie is named after Nick’s great-great-grandpa Bernt, who came from Norway and started the Hagen farm. And my great-grandpa Bernard, who came over from Hungary. Rosemary was my mom’s mom.”

    Later on September 2021, Molly Yeh announced her second pregnancy and Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen was born on February 2022. She also explained the meaning behind her second daughter’s name. Yeh told, “Dorothy is after Dorothea, the original matriarch of the farm (Nick’s great-great grandma), and ira is because our friend Jamie suggested it and we loved it”. She further added, “Bernie is taking to her role as big sister beautifully, introducing ira to all of the best things like tickles, magic wands, tutus, and frozen songs. we’re so excited to be a family of four.”

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    Molly Yeh Husband – Nick Hager

    Molly Yeh married her fellow Julliard companion Nick Hager in 2014. He is a fifth-generation Minnesota farmer who grew up doing typical farmer chores. In an interview he even expressed his love for farming, saying ” I loved being involved. I loved the idea of being a farmer, as a kid”. During his junior year at Juilliard, Nick began to contemplate whether music or farming would be his career. After graduating from Juilliard in 2009, Nick decided to pursue farming and returned to work for his father, Roger Hagen.

    During the past decade, Yeh has created a career for herself owning a Food Network show, “Girl Meets Farm”. She says, if not for Nick and his farm, then probably “Girl Meets Farm” would have never happened. She is also the author of three books- Yogurt, Home is where eggs are and Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Far.

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