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    Nicolas Cage Says He Has “Three Or Four More Lead Roles” Left Before Retirement From Movie Business

    Nicolas Cage is one of the finest actors in the film industry, with some iconic roles including ‘Ghostrider’ under his name. While his art is unmatched, he is also known to be someone who’s not afraid of taking risks with his roles.

    However, he is seemingly on the verge of wrapping up his Hollywood career. Nicolas Cage has already stated that he wants to retire from the movie business, but he has a plan chalked out before he finally does bid farewell to his illustrious career. The actor said he wants to give a few more iconic roles to the fans before leaving a great legacy.

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    “Maybe Three Or Four More Lead Roles”: Nicolas Cage On His Retirement From Hollywood

    Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage had already surprised his fans with the announcement of his retirement in the near future during an interview with Vanity Fair in 2023. The actor was recently asked during an interview with The New Yorker about his plans again, when he reiterated his wish to bid farewell to the acting industry soon.

    Speaking of his retirement schedule, Cage said, “Well, I did two or three very supporting roles. So maybe three or four more lead roles. Maybe that’s more of what I was saying.”

    Cage also emphasized that this is perhaps the best time for him to sign off. “It would have been a slippery slope. I think it could have lapsed into something almost too ridiculous. You don’t want to see that the shark is made of rubber, you know? You want the shark to be terrifying and keep it under the water for a lot of it,” he said.

    During his previous interview with Vanity Fair, he had already clarified that he is “starting to cement” his plans in Hollywood but also added, “I may have three or four more movies left in me.”

    “I do feel I’ve said what I’ve had to say with cinema,” he added. “I think I took film performance as far as I could.”

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    Nicolas Cage Talks About His 2021 Film ‘Pig’

    Nicolas Cage

    During the interview, Nicolas Cage also talked about his work in the 2021 film ‘Pig’. “That’s something that I think people can get something out of, because tragedy is going to hit all of us at some point. It’s just a matter of when,” he said of the film.

    He added “It’s also a movie that to me is like a folk song. It’s a very quiet, gentle movie, which is the opposite of what we started our conversation with—people thinking I’m crazy.”

    Pig’ is a 2021 drama film written by Michael Sarnoski. Nicolas starred as a hunter living in Oregon, who has to return to Portland to look after his beloved foraging pig after being kidnapped.

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