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    O.J. Simpson Called His Wife Nicole Brown A “Fat Pig” While She Was Pregnant

    Nicole Brown Simpson and the late NFL star O.J. Simpson‘s problematic relationship has had its fair share of negative limelight. However, even after the death of the superstar, the heinous details of his relationship continue to come forward.

    Nicole’s diary details how she hoped for her pregnancy to resolve issues between her and her husband, but it only made things worse. Nicole hoped for the verbal and physical abuse she endured from O.J. Simpson to end after pregnancy, but it only escalated his volatile behavior. Here’s what was mentioned in her diary.

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    Nicole Brown’s Diary Entry Reveals The Harsh Names O.J Simpson Called Her

    Nicole Brown Simpson
    Nicole Brown Simpson

    Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson’s relationship details are coming forward as Lifetime’s documentary, ‘The Life & Murder of Nicole Brown Simpsonhas hit the screens. The first episode of the documentary reveals some family and friends’ testimonies. Alongside these, are Nicole’s personal diary entries, which reveal the extent of the abuse she faced during her relationship with O.J. Simpson.

    Investigators found Nicole’s diary in a safe deposit box, after which the details of these abusive instances were revealed. Nicole’s sister Denise Brown also shared that Nicole’s first pregnancy with their daughter Sydney in 1985 was particularly challenging because O.J. was harsh and demeaning.

    Denise claimed he often insulted her appearance, telling her she was “a fat pig” and asked her to maintain a diet despite her pregnancy. “He would always say ‘You’ve got such a fat a–. Why don’t you go on a diet?’ She was pregnant. She was pregnant when he would tell her that,” Denise recalled.

    A screenshot of Nicole’s diary in the documentary also confirms the allegation as she highlights the entry where she recounts O.J. calling her a “fat pig.”

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    Nicole Brown Wanted To Keep Her Body As It Is Even After Pregnancy Because Of O.J’s Pressure

    OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown with kids
    OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown with kids

    Nicole Brown’s family friend D’Anne Purcilly also noted that O.J. exerted control over Nicole’s body. The star allegedly did not want her to deliver vaginally or breastfeed. Purcilly described these actions as part of O.J.’s need for control over Nicole.

    “She said he wanted her to keep the same body she had.” Purcilly later adds, “You can see that that was some control things that he did with her,” Purcilly recalled.

    O.J. Simpson was famously acquitted of the murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, who were brutally stabbed outside Nicole’s Los Angeles home on June 12, 1994. However, a civil trial in 1997 found him liable for their deaths, and he was ordered to pay $33 million for the same.

    Nicole and O.J.’s children, Sydney and Justin, have chosen to live private lives away from the spotlight. According to their aunt, Dominique Brown, both are involved in real estate and focus on raising their families.

    The documentary, which premiered on June 1, coincides with the 30th anniversary of the murders and follows the recent death of O.J. Simpson from cancer at the age of 76.

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