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    O.J. Simpson’s Controversial Rap Song ‘Get Juiced’ Goes Viral After His Death

    O.J. Simpson is once again trending all over the media. However, the reason is very different this time. At the age of 76, O.J. succumbed to prostate cancer and was announced to be dead by his family on 10th April 2024.

    With the news of his death trending a lot of other things regarding O.J. are resurfacing on the internet. A terrible rap song Simpson made named ‘Get Juiced’ is also trending after his death. The name of the song was based on his NFL nickname ‘The Juice.’

    The song was part of the promotional material for his controversial project ‘Get Juiced’. Additionally, OJ Simpson: Get Juiced was intended to be a hypothetical prank show starring Simpson. In the song, Simpson raps about getting ‘juiced‘ and causing mischief.

    With lyrics “Why do people wonder about my intentions / why do people ask me so many questions” that referenced his legal troubles and the infamous murder trial, it was no surprise that it was widely disliked. The song’s release further fueled the controversy surrounding the project, with many criticizing it as inappropriate and insensitive. 

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    O.J. Simpson’s Book Titled ‘If I Did It: Confessions Of A Killer’

    OJ Simpson
    O.J. Simpson

    O.J. Simpson’s ‘If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer’ did what it was intended to do and sparked outrage worldwide. The book served as a hypothetical account of how Simpson would have committed the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, his ex-wife, and Ronald Goldman, her friend if he were the killer. 

    It generated significant controversy and backlash even before its release. Additionally, critics argued that the book and its publication were exploitative and insensitive to the families of the victims. However, O.J. in an interview with the NY Times clarified that the book was not a confession. ”This was an opportunity for my kids to get their financial legacy … I made it clear that it’s blood money,” he said.

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