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    “There Might Not Be Any OnlyFans”: Ray J Talks Reflects On His S*x Tape With Kim Kardashian And The Influence It Had On The World

    Ray J and Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape has been a highlight in the socialite’s career since 2007. The tape, which many accuse of Kim releasing herself as a publicity stunt, while the Kardashians have maintained that it was leaked and not released, has been a matter of controversy for almost two decades.

    Though years after the split, both the stars have moved on with their lives and relationships, Ray J is speaking up on the tape again, questioning the influence it had on the world and how different things would be if it wasn’t released.

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    Ray J Thinks His Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian Changed The World

    Ray J and Kim Kardashian
    Ray J and Kim Kardashian

    Sixteen years after its release, Ray J is reflecting on his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian and how it possibly altered the world and influenced platforms like OnlyFans.

    He said, “Everything would be different, meaning like you would never ask me that question—meaning, if we sat here right now and we got to this point, I don’t know. Probably more people would be going to college, get an education to be successful. There might not be any OnlyFans and other things like that.”

    He also talks about how embarrassed he was about the tape when it was released, saying, “Are we a part of the cure or we a part of the disease? I don’t know. All I know is I’m trying to make it right,” further adding, “Yes, I have kids now. Everything I did now when we have kids is just totally different. The whole thing is wacky. With my kids it’s not ok.”

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    Kim Kardashian And Ray J’s Sex Tape Controversy

    Ray J and Kim Kardashian's s*x tape
    Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s s*x tape

    Kim and Ray J apparently recorded the sex tape in 2004 while on vacation in Cabo as they dated from 2002 to 2006. The video wasn’t made public until 2007 when reports of it having been acquired by Vivid Entertainment began to circulate. Following the emergence of the rumors, Steven Kurtz, Kim’s previous attorney, sued Vivid in an attempt to halt the distribution but was unsuccessful.

    Ray J however, confessed that the tape was released by Kris and Kim who made a deal with him.  He said he “never leaked a sex tape in my life,” adding that it was “a deal and a partnership between Kris Jenner and Kim and me.” 

    He also added that he had no tapes on him, saying, “I never had a single one at my house — she had them all at her house. She’s always had all the tapes in a Nike shoe box under her bed.” He also accused the Kardashians of lying about it and said, “From the beginning of us putting this sex tape out, this has been the biggest lie in the industry in the history of entertainment.”

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