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    Salma Hayek Opens Up About Her ‘Kind Of Disastrous’ First Kiss

    The Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek has always caught public attention through her candid looks and flawless appearance. The 56-year old in her latest interview opened up about her unique first kissing experience which led to a bedroom infested by ants.

    Hayek is an actress who has toiled hard to set a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Eventually, these years of hard work led her to become the first Mexican actress nominated for the Academy Awards. And it’s nice to hear the successful actress sincerely reminiscing back on her first kiss in a “little town in Mexico“.

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    Salma Hayek’s Sweet To Dreadful First Kiss

    Salma Hayek

    The ‘Desparado’ actress Salma Hayek recounted her unique first kiss in the latest interview with W Magazine. She shared how the “very memorable kiss” had taken place in her “little Mexican town” called Coatzacoalcos. Young Hayek wanted to taste good for her first kiss and it was honey that she depended on for it.

    She had continuously applied honey on her lips and made sure that it had really worked. “I said, ‘What did it taste like?’ And he said, ‘Like honey,’ but it’s the cliché—that’s what they say,” the actress shared her experience.

    However, what happened next is much more interesting. “I had an infestation of ants in my bedroom. I burnt my mouth,” Hayek said. “Something that started real romantic turned out to be kind of disastrous,” the ‘Grown Ups’ actress added.

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    Salma Hayek And François-Henri Pinault’s Relationship

    Salma Hayek and her husband François-Henri Pinault

    The “From Dusk Till Dawn” actress Salma Hayek married the love of her life in 2009. Along with François-Henri Pinault, she completed 14 years of marriage. They share a daughter, Valentina. She is also stepmother to François, Mathilde, and Augustin, Pinault’s children from previous marriages.

    Hayek has shared the romantic story of how lucky she is to have a husband like him. “I found a man better than any man I could ever in my life imagine existed. He found me, actually. I wasn’t even looking,” the ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ actress shared.

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