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    Watch: Salma Hayek Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction While Dancing In Bathrobe

    Wardrobe malfunction is something that has frequently happened at different events over the years. Different celebrities have been the victims of the same and there have been certain instances that were forgotten at one point. Salma Hayek’s name has been now included in the list of those who have faced wardrobe malfunctions.

    The mishap happened in front of her Instagram followers while she was dancing in her bathrobe and the video has now grabbed the attention of the internet.

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    Salma Hayek’s Viral Bathrobe Video

    Salma Hayek was the victim of a wardrobe malfunction

    Salma Hayek has touched the mark of 24 million followers on Instagram and she decided to celebrate the occasion. For this, she planned to dance in her bathrobe and while she was doing that, her robe slipped down, revealing a portion of her private parts.

    However, the slipping of the bathrobe did not affect her and she continued to dance while her friends accompanied her in the background. The caption of the post stated, “24 million followers, 24 million reasons to smile. Thank you all for joining me on this wild ride! I cannot contain my excitement & gratitude.”

    Hayek has previously flaunted her assets in the past. She was also showing off her curves as she wore a yellow bikini while traveling on a boat. She wore a see-through fishnet gown on top of lingerie as she went to the premiere of ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance‘.

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    Salma Hayek’s Career

    Hayek’s bathrobe slipped as she was dancing

    Salma Hayek started her acting career with various telenovelas in Mexico. She soon started her successful journey in Hollywood with films like ‘Desperado’, ‘Wild Wild West’ and more.

    Hayek is known for her performances in various other films like ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’, ‘Grown Ups’, ‘Grown Ups 2’, ‘Sausage Party’, ‘Tale of Tales’ and more. She also appeared as Ajak in the MCU film, ‘Eternals’ and has been a recipient of several accolades at the Golden Globe Awards, SAG Awards, and more.

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