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    Scooter Braun Attacks Gigi Hadid Over Her Post Claiming Israel Is The Only Country That Keeps Kids As Prisoners Of War

    The Palestine-Israel conflict has divided a lot of celebrities. From the likes of Bella Hadid, Louis Tomlinson and Gigi Hadid who have openly supported Palestine, to celebs like Gal Gadot, Noah Schnapp and Scooter Braun who have openly supported Israel, everyone is speaking up on the war.

    In recent news, ex-music mogul Scooter Braun took to Instagram to spread Zionist propaganda and attacked Gigi Hadid for her support for Palestine. Here’s what happened.

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    Gigi Hadid Gets Attacked By Scooter Braun

    Scooter Braun and Gigi Hadid

    Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to post a couple of stories advocating for Palestine. She wrote, “Israel is the only country in the world that keeps CHILDREN AS PRISONERS OF WAR.” The post was accompanied by a photo and news about a young man named Ahmed Almanasra, who was described as being “abducted by the #Israeli occupation at the age of 12.”

    Turns out, the 12-year-old boy had stabbed and killed two Jews and had said that he wanted to kill Jews.

    Soon after Gigi’s statement, Scooter chipped in to criticize Gigi’s misinformation and wrote, “I know people mean well but when you say a child was abducted when it turns out it was a teenager who went out and stabbed two random innocent civilians including a 12 year old on camera and then stated ‘I wanted to stab Jews.’ Let’s get our facts right before we post to 78 million people.”

    Hadid later deleted her post after receiving backlash from many, calling her out as antisemitic and using misinformation to portray Palestine in a positive light.

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    Gigi Hadid Apologises For Her Statements

    Gigi Hadid

    After the criticism, Gigi Hadid removed her post and wrote a lengthy letter addressing the backlash and apologizing for it.

    She wrote, “I understand that with the power of my platform comes a huge responsibility. I’m human and I make mistakes. But I also hold myself accountable for those mistakes. < I do not stand behind the spreading of misinformation, and have always condemned using the Free Palestine movement as justification for anti-Semitism. I owe it to myself and my followers to gather my thoughts and share them in a more constructive way as I pursue my goal of bringing attention to violations of international law and human rights. Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for the safe return of all hostages and peace and safety for the people of Gaza and Israel.”

    Hadid soon got hate from other Palestine supporters for her switching sides.

    Many referred to the model as a ‘coward’.

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