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Israel-Palestine Conflict Divides Hollywood: List Of Celebrities Who Have Taken Sides

The conflict in Palestine and Israel has caused many celebrities to pick sides, and they have been voicing their opinions on the war. While many were appreciated, some were bashed, and many remained silent and neutral, causing fans to question them.

Among everyone else, here are some celebrities who have openly chosen a side, while some have decided to stay neutral on the issue.

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Celebrities Who Support Palestine

Bella Hadid has always been a fierce supporter of Palestine. Taking to social media, the model shared posts on the atrocities being done towards the Palestinians and how civilians can help. She herself also participated in the post and has made donations and spread awareness about the war.

Mark Ruffalo too came out in support of Palestine.

Lauren Jauregui also spoke about in support for Palestine.

Zara Larsson spoke up about the conflict, about how Ukraine got everyone’s support but Palestine isn’t.

Mia Khalifa has been using her platform to spread awareness about Palestine and is advocating for peace.

Gigi Hadid has also voiced her support for Palestine, something that even made the Israeli government attack her online. Both the Hadid sisters have been getting threats for their statements.

Hailey Bieber also came out in support for Palestine.

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Celebrities Who Support Israel

Many celebrities have shown solidarity against Israel by posting “I stand with Israel” on their stories.

Sofia Richie stands with Israel.

Nina Dobrev too, stands with Israel.

Kylie Jenner also recently faced backlash for supporting Israel.

Gal Gadot has used her platform to speak in support of Israelis, being one herself.

Amy Schumer has loudly supported Israel, resulting in most of her fans being upset with her stances.

Paris Jackson too, stands with Israel.

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Celebrities Who Have Stayed Neutral On The War

More than the people who have successfully picked a side, netizens are more upset about celebrities with huge influence who have decided not to pick a side and have remained silent on the issue.

Taylor Swift has yet not commented anything about the war which has led to fans being upset with her.

The official Israel social media account also posted a picture of a guard who worked with her on her Eras Tour who went back to Israel to help in the war.

Selena Gomez recently received a lot of hate for talking about the war but not picking any side. Fans called out her hypocrisy as she had previously spoken about the Ukraine-Russia war.

Football stars like Lionel Messi have also not given any statement against or for any country involved in the war.

Angelina Jolie took to social media to express herself on the war. The actress si ply stated that all human lives matter- regardless of which side they are from.

Here’s a complete list of people who are in support of Israel:

Here’s a complete list of celebrities who have supported Palestine and have written a letter to President Biden for a ceasefire.

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