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    “So Sorry Boys!”: Julia Fox Comes Out As Lesbian In A TikTok Video

    Julia Fox is one of the many celebrities who know how to stay relevant — by hook or by crook. While the model is known for some controversial comments, she has surprised her fans with pleasant news this time. Just a week after the world celebrated Pride Month in June, Fox has seemingly come out as a lesbian in a recently posted TikTok video.

    The ‘Uncut Gems‘ star stitched a video where a user joked about lesbians with boyfriends and garnished it with her own confession. Here’s what the video is about and how her fans are reacting to their icon coming out as gay.

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    Julia Fox Uses A TikTok Video To Come Out As Lesbian

    Julia Fox
    Julia Fox

    In the TikTok video posted from her account, Julia Fox can be seen strolling down a bustling street, with her signature cool-girl vibe in sunglasses, a gray tank top, and a white handbag with hole punches. After stitching the video with another one where a user is joking about lesbians with boyfriends, Fox added her own confession: “Heyyy, that was meee. I was that lesbian. So sorry, boys. Um… won’t happen again.”

    Though the revelation was casual, it has taken many by surprise given her rich dating history, including her fling with rapper Kanye West. Other than him, Fox’s romantic history includes a marriage to Peter Artemiev from 2018 to 2020, with whom she shares a son, Valentino, born in 2021.

    Earlier this year, Fox made headlines after she revealed on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen‘ that she has been a celibate for over two years. “I just think nothing good comes from having sex,” she said, half-jokingly adding, “Including children—no, I’m just kidding.” She explained her celibacy as a response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, describing it as a way to regain control over her body.

    But her sexuality being the polar opposite of what she has been for the longest time has come as a surprise to many of her fans.

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    Fans React To Julia Fox’s Declaration Of Being A Lesbian

    Julia Fox
    Julia Fox

    Julia Fox’s revelation about being a lesbian has sent fans into a frenzy. It took no time for comments of support to flow into her comments section. Especially her queer fans were highly excited about the revelation, with one fan exclaiming, “LOVE YOU JULIA WE’RE SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU“.

    Another fan noted, “The ‘won’t happen again’ was so perfect and so final.” This is not the first time that Fox has been vocal about her problem with men. When she was elaborating on celibacy, she noted on the Nice Talk‘ podcast with Nikki Ogunnaike, that her decision is “the consequence of men’s repeated actions.”

    While it is unclear whether or not she has dated any women in the past, fans are excited at the prospect of the model exploring a new direction in her romantic life.

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