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    Will Julia Fox’s Romance With Kanye West Be Discussed In Her Upcoming Memoir?

    Julia Fox is going to give her fans a glimpse of her life through her upcoming memoir ‘Down the Drain’. And the public is interested to know if the memoir is also going to give a peek into her romance with the rapper, Kanye West. Surely, the ‘Uncut Gems’ actress is surely going to share her experience with Kanye West through the pages. 

    Kanye West and Julia Fox started dating in January 2022. “I don’t know where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future, I’m loving the ride,” Julia Fox had remarked about her romance with Kanye West during their courtship. However, the romance was short-lived and continued only for a month, breaking off in February.

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    Kanye West Appears In Julia Fox’s Memoir

    Kanye West and Julia Fox
    Kanye West and Julia Fox

    The rapper Kanye West, who dated Julia Fox after his split from Kim Kardashian, only has a small picture in the ‘No Sudden Movie’ actress’ memoir. “It’s like six pages. I feel like I went very lightly on it. I’m not trying to have bad blood or anything, it’s all in the past,” Julia Fox shared with E! News on the red carpet of Victoria’s Secret World Tour.

    The unresolved issues that he was dealing with,” the actress had called it quits at the first red flag. “It just seems like he had a lot to work on, and I just don’t have time for it, or energy. I don’t have the bandwidth or emotional capacity for it. I’m proud of myself for that. Pre-Valentino Julia would have definitely stuck it out and been there for longer,” she explained to ES Magazine in September 2022.

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    Julia Fox Excited About Her Memoir

    Julia Fox and her memoir
    Julia Fox and her memoir

    On the red carpet, ‘The Trainer‘ actress Julia Fox shared her excitement for her upcoming book. “I feel like it was just so cathartic to let go of all that because, in life, things happen and you just kind of pretend that they didn’t happen and put them away on a shelf in your mind and that’s it. And when you’re writing a book, you’re really forced to confront those things,” Fox said. 

    The memoir named ‘Down The Drain‘ is set to hit the shelves on October 10, 2023. She also commented on how she is willing she is be ‘vulnerable’ and ‘don’t feel shame ever‘. “I’m curious to see what the reaction will be, but I hope that it’ll be helpful and other people can be like, ‘Oh wow, maybe what happened to me isn’t so bad. I can deal with it too,” the 33-year-old actress shared her joy about the book hitting the markets.

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