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    ‘Stranger Things 4’: Eddie Munson Actor Breaks Down “Insane, Inventive” Metallica Guitar Solo

    There may have been those who were irritated by the postponement of the last two episodes of ‘Stranger Thingsseason 4, but the wait was worth it when it came to the introduction of Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), and his storyline in the finale.

    In the end, Munson, the leader of the Hellfire DnD club, is slaughtered by flying voracious ‘Demobats’ who eat their victims. Eddie gets the ultimate hero moment before he dies, buying time so that his comrades may confront the terrible Vecna. While sitting on the Upside Down’s equivalent of his caravan the ‘cargo’ as it were, his guitar solo is so epic that it draws the notice of the Demobats.

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    Eddie Munson’s Upside-Down Guitar Scene In ‘Stranger Things 4’

    Stranger Things 4 Eddie Munson's
    Stranger Things 4 Eddie Munson’s

    “It’s insane,” Eddie actor Joseph Quinn said of the scene in an interview with The LA Times. “It’s doing so many things. I think this is the only world in which something like that can happen and it doesn’t feel like a pastiche. It doesn’t feel forced.”

    Quinn added, “And hilariously, it doesn’t feel melodramatic. It just feels right. And more than anything, it just feels fun. It’s that energy through that whole kind of ridiculous sequence that brings all of these storylines together. That crescendo was just so inventive and ultimately so entertaining.”

    Before filming his episodes, Quinn revealed he polished his guitar skills. “I remember Skyping with the [creators the Duffer] brothers before I signed on, and they weren’t giving away very much. They sent me a couple of emails asking if I played guitar and I said yes I did. Then they sent the script over and I kind of imploded and went to go buy a guitar as soon as I could and started practicing,” he said.

    What Tune Does Eddie Play In The Final Scene?

    In the season 4 finale, Eddie plays a tune on the guitar. People who have seen the series say that it is really difficult to figure out what tune he is playing, but no worries we have figured it out.

    The answer is ‘Master of Puppets‘ by Metallica. Be on the lookout for ‘Stranger Things‘ to repopularize it did with Kate Bush’s ‘Working Up That Hill‘, which went to No. 1 on iTunes following its appearance in episode 4 of the series.

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