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    Sydney Sweeney Reveals ‘Euphoria’ Scenes That Made Her Anxious

    The drama series ‘Euphoria’ has witnessed tremendous viewership for its raw plot and sensitive themes. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard, has also received a double Emmy Award nomination for it this year.

    The 24-year-old talked to Deadline about filming the different, much-challenging scenes in ‘Euphoria.‘ She also revealed two specific scenes from the drama series which kicked her anxiety.

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    The Vomit Scene Which Had Sydney’s Mouth Filled With “Disgusting Chunks Of Food”

    Sydney Sweeney reveals that the hot tub vomit scene made her anxious
    Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard

    When Deadline asked if any of the scenes in ‘Euphoria,‘ were anxious to film, Sydney replied in affirmative. She talked about the episode titled, ‘You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can,’ which is the fourth episode of the show’s second season. The circumstances behind the “hot tub scene” were difficult for the Washington-born actress.

    The actress explained how the vomit scene was filmed, “I had to have a tube in my mouth and it was filling my mouth with disgusting chunks of food and I don’t even know what, and then I had to hold it in my mouth while the scene was happening and act as if it wasn’t happening and then throw up everywhere.” That for sure sounds like an anxiety-ridden scenario.

    Sydney Sweeney Has Stage Fright

    Sydney Sweeney's stage fright affected her acting in Euphoria
    Sydney Sweeney’s stage fright affected her acting in ‘Euphoria’

    Apart from the vomitus scene, which had Sydney in trembles, another scene that made the the actor nervous was the series’ eighth episode in its second season titled ‘All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name,‘ in which Cassie goes up to the stage and ruins her sister’s play.

    Sydney explained why the scene made her so nervous, saying, “I have terrible stage fright and there was an actual audience in the auditorium that we built. So, I was very nervous, but Maude [Apatow] and I, we had a great time together. She made it more enjoyable for me.”

    Playing such an intense and challenging role has made Sydney overcome many of her insecurities. Talking about her character, she also remarked, “And she has taught me to fully allow myself to just engulf myself in her emotions. It’s been a really beautiful experience to be able to play out all of her different, crazy emotions that she’s been having to deal with. It’s been really fun.” She also added, “Cassie, I think is one of the most relatable characters to me, because I search for love in other people and acceptance, and I’m scared of being alone. I was a teenage girl, too, so I definitely relate to her, but most of my characters I try to be vastly different from.

    Sydney had also shared that she usually tries to find characters she wouldn’t be able to relate to or connect with, because it makes the work more interesting and challenging. “I actually try to find characters that I don’t connect to at all because I find that challenge interesting. I always want to challenge myself so that I can better my craft,” she said.

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