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Taylor Swift Gets Shaded By Travis Kelce’s Publicist And His Ex Girlfriend

Taylor Swift‘s new romance with Travis Kelce has totally got all of us rooting for them. The NFL star and the Grammy award-winning singer have been basking in their lavender haze, while also successfully managing their careers together. But it seems now, that the power couple has managed to upset the NFL player’s ex-girlfriend and his publicist.

Travie Kelce’s publicist and his ex-girlfriend just seemingly threw some shade at Swift. Read on to know more.

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Kayla Nicole Speaks About Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Romance

Kayla Nicole and Taylor Swift
Kayla Nicole and Taylor Swift

It seems that Kayla Nicole still has some bitter taste from her relationship with Travis Kelce. The model had previously spoken about Kelce’s infidelity, also warning Taylor by saying “once a cheater, always a cheater“.

Afterward, the model decided to unfollow Brittany Mahomes after she was seen hanging out with Taylor. Talking about this, Kayla said, “I do think it’s important to publicly address this because I did publicly unfollow people. The reality is I know these people in real life. And so, in real life, I’ve communicated to these people why I’ve had to publicly make the decisions that I made.”

Further, she was also seen liking cryptic shady posts towards Kelce.

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Travis Kelce’s Publicist Shades Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Travis and Taylor

Travis Kelce’s publicist, Pia Malihi doesn’t seem all too happy about the singer dating him.

Pia shared a picture on her story and put a clown next to Taylor Swift. Fans immediately caught this and started shading Pia more after the incident.

Everyone on Twitter accused Pia of projecting her anger on Swift and being insecure about it.

Fans also pointed out that she was Scooter’s client before and even helped her gain publicity.

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