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    Tenoch Huerta Opens Up About Playing Namor In ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

    Continuing Chadwick Boseman’s legacy as Black Panther, MCU is all set to release ‘Wakanda Forever’ in theatres on November 11, 2022. Boseman passed away in 2020 succumbing to cancer, but marvel decided not to recast the role.

    The ‘Black Panther 2’ trailer was revealed on Sunday, and the enthusiastic fans saw the unveiling of a new and much-awaited character – Namor, the Sub Mariner. Tenoch Huerta, who will portray the character in the movie, broke his silence on entering the MCU with the role of a villain.

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    Tenoch Huerta Almost Gave A Spoiler Talking About His Character In ‘Black Panther 2’

    Tenoch Huerta will Play Namor in Wakanda Forever
    Tenoch Huerta will Play Namor in Wakanda Forever

    Tenoch Huerta was also, obviously, a part of Marvel’s big fat panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The 41-year-old Mexican actor interacted with several outlets about his upcoming role. While speaking to Deadline, the actor expressed his hopes that fans love his character and understand “why he is acting this way.”

    The actor’s full words were: “I hope the people can fall in love with the character, but under circumstances why he is acting this way, which is wonderful.” Looking at his co-stars, Lupita N’yongo and Letitia Wright, he further questioned if what he said was a spoiler in any way, “Spoiler? No, no, it’s not a spoiler.”

    Lupita N’yongo intervened and said laughingly, “No. Stop there. Stop there!” Letitia Wright, on the other hand, added her opinion on Huerta’s character right away, saying, “He’s [really] interesting.

    Huerta Pays Gratitude To The MCU Family

    Tenoch Huerta feels inspiration to be playing a role of a hero belonging from a different heritage
    The Cast of Wakanda Forever at This Year’s San Diego Comic-con

    Tenoch Huerta also shared his experience working with the MCU. Speaking about Namor and the MCU, he said, “He’s fantastic. I love it. Thank you. No, seriously. It’s a wonderful experience to be here and to be part of this family. They made me feel really welcome, and it’s an inspiration for me. You can dream about something that you can see and now people can see all of us. I feel [inspired].

    In another interview with Variety, Huerto professed the immensity of gratitude and inspiration he felt when introduced in front of a large crowd of fans. He described that moment as “great,” and exhilarating that someone like him, who is from a different heritage, could become a hero too.

    Huerto said, “It’s a big moment and it’s a perfect place to be introduced. This character, this world, this moment at Comic-Con, with all of those fans… it’s great. You can feel and notice how important [this character] is for the people. This character, the superhero, is part of their lives [and] is inspiring.”

    “So now, the Black Panther, the first one for me, was [inspiring]. It was a pure inspiration because finally, I could see people like me, even though my heritage is different. People like me being heroes with superpowers.” He added. They are the new Greek gods. Now, they call me, they said ‘this is your turn.’ It’s a fantastic experience. I want to be part of the inspiration for other kids, for other people. If they can feel… I mean, it’s possible. It’s not easy, not easy at all, but it’s possible.

    Huerta also spoke about the scenes he enjoyed shooting the most. He revealed that his favorite scenes in ‘Wakanda Forever’ are with Letitia Wright’s Shuri. The Marvel debut character defined the movie as “great and deep and beautiful.”

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