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    “The Propaganda Goes Right The Way Back…”: Brian Cox Reveals Why He Think The Bible Is One Of The ‘Worst Books Ever’

    Brian Cox is particularly known for his outspoken and unfiltered opinions on controversial topics. Speaking about someone’s religion and belief and calling it stupid is completely unacceptable. This might create conflicts and even bigger issues.

    During a podcast, Cox conveyed some controversial words for The Bible, the holy book of Christians. He terms it as ‘stupid’ and slammed it for putting a “patriarchal” lens on the world.

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    Brian Cox Thinks The Bible Is “The Worst Book Ever”

    Brian Cox
    Brian Cox

    Brian Cox was giving his take on his world’s popular book in an interview with The Starting Line‘ podcast with Rich Leigh, and he allegedly called the Bible the ‘Worst book ever. Cox thinks that the book holds back our belief system which is outside ourselves. He says, “holds us back because its belief systems, which are outside ourselves, they’re not dealing with who we all are, they’re dealing with well, ‘if God says this and God does that.

    He further called it a patriarchal issue and that we haven’t given enough scope to matriarchically. He says, “It’s also a patriarchal issue. That’s how it started and it’s essentially patriarchal. We haven’t given enough scope to the matriarchy and I think we need to move matriarchically.”

    Cox does seem to have a point here but he is putting it out in a wrong way. Making yourself right by degrading another thing is not what a spokesperson does. He continued, “We have to go more towards a matriarchy because the mothering thing is the thing which is the real conditioning of our lives.” 

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    “A Matriarchal Society Makes A Lot More Sense”: Brian Cox

    Brian Cox
    Brian cox

    According toSuccession‘ star, Brian Cox society is blinded by the concept of Patriarchy. He feels that matriarchy makes a lot of sense. He continued, “It’s Adam and Eve, The propaganda goes right the way back—The Bible is one of the worst books ever, for me, from my point of view because it starts with the idea that Adam’s rib—that out of Adam’s rib, this woman was created. I don’t believe it… ‘cause they’re stupid.”

    Cox continued on how society gives less privilege to women. We should rather praise them and give them the place they deserve. He used terms like “honor” and “give them their place.

    He concluded by saying that people need religion because they need some kind of truth but they don’t need to be told lies and “The Bible is not the truth,” he stressed.

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