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    ‘The Thursday Murders Club’: All About Tom Ellis Starrer Netflix Thriller Based On Richard Osman’s Popular Novel

    The Thursday Murder Club,’ a critically acclaimed thriller by Richard Osman is set for its big screen debut, and fans are highly excited about it. With the book already being a massive success, film creators are careful about doing full justice to the story and its wacky characters.

    A stellar cast seemingly handpicked by the creators also includes Tom Ellis, well known for his devilishly good performance in ‘Lucifer‘. As the actor is ready to add his own charm and subtlety to the new Netflix project, here’s what viewers can expect form the blend of an excellent story coupled with a stellar cast.

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    What Character Will Tom Ellis Play In ‘The Thursday Murders Club’?

    Still from 'Lucifer'
    Still from ‘Lucifer’

    Tom Ellis will play the pivotal role of the attractive and enigmatic DCI Chris Hudson. HIs character in the story is also is well-known for sharp mind that stands out in a gathering of older people who get together once a week to look into cold cases. It’s expected that Ellis’s portrayal of the character would be endearing, humorous, and serious, matching his previous roles nicely.

    Not only is Hudson attractive, but he’s also a committed and capable cop who gets sucked into the club’s amateur detective exploits. Viewers can anticipate a performance from Ellis that strikes a balanced mix between comedic moments and the seriousness required for a murder investigation.

    Fans are hoping to see Ellis’s breadth as an actor in this role, making DCI Chris Hudson an interesting figure to follow. Other than him, some other notable cast members of the film include Helen Mirren, Richard E. Grant, Geoff Bell, Sir Ben Kingsley, Pierce Brosnan, Celia Imrie, and Paul Freeman among others.

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    What Is ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ About?

    The Thursday Murder Club
    Book- The Thursday Murder Club

    The Thursday Murder Club‘ is a crime fiction that centers on four friends who meet weekly to discuss unsolved murders in a tranquil retirement community. When a local developer is discovered dead, their peaceful, perfect lives take an abrupt turn, leading them to launch their first formal inquiry.

    The story has a wonderful balance of tension, emotion, and comedy, and it has several surprises to keep readers—and soon viewers—guessing. The club members discover truths that alter their opinions of their fellow villagers as the story progresses.

    The Thursday Murder Club‘ in itself is an intimidating group since each member brings special abilities and viewpoints to the table. Fans may anticipate seeing their favorite scenes and characters brought to life with the same wit and charm that made the book a smash, as long as the adaptation stays faithful to the book’s core ideas.

    While the cast has been revealed, it is unclear when the filmmakers will start production. It is expected to hit the screens sometime in 2025.

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