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    “We Covered All Bases”: Tom Ellis Reveals His Condition To Revive Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’

    It is no well-kept secret that Lucifer fans are all in want of yet another season of the Fox production series which was later taken over by Netflix. Although the series came to a definite and satiable end in its 6th season in 2021, the fans want more of this charming fanged devil from hell in a hot suit.

    Staying true to his character, Tom Ellis yet again made the headlines over a possible revival of the beloved TV show, saying, “Miracles aren’t my thing, but I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.” However, no deal comes without a price and Tom too named his in a recent podcast.

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    The Script Is Paramount For Tom Ellis To Play Lucifer Again

    Tom Ellis
    Tom Ellis

    Lucifer‘ fans are expectant of a new season and rightly so, as the fifth season was slated to be the last season previously yet we found ourselves with a new season. The series even survived a possible cancelation, however, even in that Tom Ellis had a major role to play, according to Pop Culture. This time the Welsh actor seems quite reluctant to revive the series. He recently spoke about how he would consider a movie or a spin-off if it’s a really good script. He spoke about how he “doesn’t want to do it just for the sake of it” but is actually in it for the artistic value.

    I certainly feel like on the TV front, like I’ve said before, we covered all bases. I think that the only thing that would make me go back would be if it were a movie. And it would have to be good. It’s not just doing it for the sake of doing it. It would have to be, you know, we’d have to sign off on like, what the script was, and all those things,” Tom said, attributing this clarity to his prior experience in his comedy series ‘Miranda‘.

    The actor remarked, “Whereas, where I’m from, you know, leave them wanting more is the motto. And it was never such a sort of financially commercially based industry back in the UK. Miranda, for example, we only ever did 20 episodes in total. And it’s still iconic, and it still has an afterlife that people revisit.”

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    Ideas For ‘Lucifer’ Spin-Off Shows And Movies

    Tom Ellis as Lucifer
    Tom Ellis as Lucifer

    As Tom remarked previously the series has had its fair end. While some fans haven’t been able to come to terms with the bitter-sweet ending, it is no reason for a full-on revival. The US market has to stop milking out content from a series after it has fulfilled its purpose.

    The only way for a good movie to be made possible is to separate the focus from the main couple of the show, the Lucifer-Chloe duo. The depth the ending was able to achieve can only be maintained by not trifling with it, and for it to focus on the other characters whose stories definitely deserve the limelight.

    The movie could easily follow the adventures of the Goddess as she embarks to make her universe, her struggles, and triumphs. Another interesting angle could be following Rory on all her time travel journeys, mixing sci-fi with a bit of supernatural. There are many more characters from the series who deserve a better nuance and hope the producers provide us with it and a few guest appearances by Tom in between (for fan service of course).

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