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    The Trio Behind ‘Scream’ Aims To “Punch People In The Face” With Upcoming Horror Film ‘Abigail’

    Horror films in Hollywood have their own separate fanbase, and so does the trio known as Radio Silence. Comprising Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin as directors and Chad Villella as producer, the trio knows how to make some noise when it comes to the horror genre. These three have a knack for creating some of the most fearful horror films that have captivated audiences worldwide for years.

    From the spine-chilling thriller ‘Ready or Not‘ to the revival of the ‘Scream‘ franchise, it is Radio Silence that has worked its magic and ran a shiver down its viewers’ spines. Their latest project ‘Abigail‘ is set to hit theaters this weekend, and the trio is setting the stage with promises to leave viewers on the edge of their seats with the vampire ballerina.

    Speaking about their upcoming film, the trio claimed to have ventured into new territory with ‘Abigail‘. While Radio Silence has often stuck with the horror genre since the beginning of their career in Hollywood, this time, they blended elements of crime and horror to bring to the screen a chilling tale of kidnapping gone awry.

    Starring Giancarlo Esposito as Lambert, the film’s narrative revolves around a group of criminals who abduct the daughter of a crime boss. But to their misfortune, their captive harbors a deadly secret. Abigail’s vampiric wrath brings the ultimate horror to the screen, and the mounting tension ends in a blood-soaked showdown unlike anything seen before. “Abigail is a bloody vampire wearing a tutu. We work with an idea until we arrive at that thing that makes us all go, ‘Oh s—! That’s great,'” Gillett said, speaking of the film.

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    Radio Silence Opens Up About Bidding Farewell To ‘Scream’ Franchise  

    Still from 'Scream'
    Still from ‘Scream’

    The ‘Scream‘ movie franchise is one of the most acclaimed works by Radio Silence, but unfortunately, they bid goodbye to the project. However, the trio reflects fondly on their contributions to the series. Though they left the Scream‘ franchise to work on ‘Abigail’, their love for their piece of filmmaking remains intact.

    We have a ton of love and respect for the team,” Gillett said of the ‘Scream‘ team. “They gave us that title as, I think, a thank you for being such an instrumental part in bringing that franchise back to audiences, but that is as far as our engagement goes,” he added.

    While speaking about their approach for both films, the trio asserted that they understand the importance of capturing viewers’ attention from the get-go, thanks to their early experiences creating content for YouTube.

    Honing those skills in short form was vital because we did have to capture people’s attention quickly or else we’d lose them to a video of a cat,” Villella explained during an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the film’s release.

    Their knack for engaging storytelling has been visible throughout their journey as online pranksters who eventually transformed into acclaimed filmmakers. The trio first gained significance with their breakout video ‘Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad‘. The video rightfully set the stage for them to evolve as the rulers of the horror genre.

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