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    Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Enjoy Romantic Date Days After Rumor Of Split

    Dodging breakup allegations, Hollywood’s IT couple- Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted having a romantic date in a restaurant, hours after publications alleged that the couple were on sour terms.

    As the two take a break from their work- Kelce from football and Swift from her Eras Tour, they have been spending some time together on vacation and romantic dates. Despite keeping it lowkey, this is the first vacation photo of theirs that has been publicized.

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    Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift’s Romantic Date

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on a romantic date (Credits: X)
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on a romantic date (Credits: X)

    After Travis Kelce was spotted having a solo meal, speculations about the couple’s split were everywhere as fans theorized that they might be on bad terms. Pushing away the breakup rumors, the couple has now been spotted on a cozy date, while another shot shows them walking around together.

    The couple also matched their outfits with Swift wearing a blue sweater and a beige sweater while Kelce wore beige.

    Another user posted pictures of the couple leaving the restaurant.

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    Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Relationship

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    America’s two sweethearts have been in the spotlight for their relationship since last year. While they both showed up to support each other in their work, reports suggest that the relationship is way more serious than fans think.

    Swift apparently has already written some awesome music about their relationship, while Travis has recently started rumors of the couple having kids and an engagement after he spoke about it in his podcast.

    Furthermore, engagement rumors are never ending when it comes to these two as multiple publications have noted that Kelce and Swift are planning to get hitched really, really soon.

    As for the couple, Kelce has more than once dodged the engagement questions, while Swift has not been asked any, so far. As of now, she is set to release her new album on April 19th, one that’s rumored to have been written about her breakup with Joe Alwyn.

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