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    Wait, What? Rob Kardashian Once Slept With A Girl Who Won Kim Kardashian Lookalike Contest

    As we all know, the Kardashian family shares a very close-knit bond. They take no time to stand by each other in need. Be it Kourtney Kardashian’s marriage or the long and hectic legal battle between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, the family justified the meaning of blood relations.

    Nothing seems good when it’s off-limit. Sometimes, certain actions of celebrities become way too uncomfortable and awkward to justify. one such incident is making the headlines about Rob hooking up with a girl who looked like his elder sister Kim Kardashian.

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    OMG! Did Rob Really Hook Up With His Elder Sister’s Lookalike?

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian

    A moment from a 2017 episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ brought up some spicy scandal about Rob Kardashian. One of the episodes featured the brother and his sister Khloe Kardashian lying on the bed and spilling some deepest-darkest secrets. Khloe could be heard saying, “Do you remember when you ***ked the girl who won the Kim Kardashian lookalike contest?”

    Ignoring the question completely, Rob changed the topic and rather recalled a different encounter with another girl. He said, “Oh, I thought you were talking about the girl that pulled up to your house and she was like butt-naked and then I went upstairs and had sex with her and she ‘period-ed’ all over the bed.”

    The fact that Rob neither accepted nor denied Khloe’s statement gives a clear indication to fans that he just might have actually slept with his sister’s lookalike.

    When the episode aired, one fan tweeted, “Rob’s issues are deep. He slept with a girl that won a Kim Kardashian [look-alike] contest. Weird.” Things got just weirder when Khloe ended up asking Rob, “Why didn’t you ever sleep with someone who won a Khloe Kardashian lookalike contest?”

    Rob Had A Crush On Sister Kim Kardashian

    Although it sounds odd that Rob actually did sleep with a girl who looked like his own sister Kim, there’s much more in store. Back in 2016, in a preview of ‘Rob & Chyna’, Blac Chyna exposed how Rob had a crush on Kim during his childhood.

    Rob revealed that Chyna had a crush on Ricky Martin when she was a kid. But Rob had a pretty weird list of crushes which had Kim along with Jennifer Lopez. Although it’s hard to believe he confirmed “That is also pretty accurate.” It is still unclear if it was a joke or not but fans felt really uncomfortable about the fact.

    One fan tweeted, “[In case] you’re looking to be horrified today, Rob Kardashian just admitted to having a crush on Kim while growing up.” Another fan wrote, “Rob Kardashian had a crush on his own sister Kim? There aren’t enough therapists in the world to help that family.”

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