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    Was Princess Diana Rich Before Marrying Into The Royal Family?

    Princess Diana is one of the most loved royals of the 20th century. She married then Prince Charles in 1981, who is now King. However, their marriage soon turned out to be an unhappy one and they got divorced in 1996. She has attracted fans all over the world, both before and after her demise. But was the Princess rich before marrying into the royal family?

    We know about Diana’s life as a princess quite well. But people usually don’t have much idea about her life before she became a princess. What family did she come from? How was her lifestyle? Let’s find out everything we need to know about her former life before becoming a princess.

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    Was Princess Diana Rich Or Poor Before Marrying Into The Royal Family?

    Princess Diana had predicted her own car accident
    Princess Diana had predicted her own car accident

    Not surprisingly to anyone, Diana came from a long line of a wealthy families. She was born to John Spencer and Frances Roche. Her father was the eighth Earl Spencer, who descended from a line of wealthy and influential people. Diana grew up living in her family estate called the Althorp House.

    Diana spent most of her childhood in Althorp House, which was even bigger than the place she occupied in Kensington Palace as a royal. However, Diana’s family was not just wealthy. As was evident later on, her family had connections to the Royal family. Diana’s grandmothers on both sides of her family were ladies-in-waiting to the Queen’s mother.

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    Did Princess Diana Work Before Marrying Prince Charles?

    Princess Diana
    Princess Diana

    Diana is said to have attended finishing school in Switzerland for some time before she moved to London to live with her friends. She wasn’t a very good student and did not excel at school. While she was in London, she took on several different jobs. She even worked as a part-time nanny for an American family.

    As mentioned in The Sun, she is also said to have worked as an assistant teacher at the Young England School in London. This was also the time when she was dating Charles. As Diana’s family and the royal household had a connection, the royal family found Diana to be a perfect match for Prince Charles.

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